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Victoria Peak: Our Eats, and the Tram Chaos and Bus Drama

August is extraordinarily peak season in Hong Kong. Extraordinary because I have never ever experienced queuing up extensively in my whole life than in this Hong Kong holiday trip. You need to have patience that rivals these kilometre-long queues!And this is not the only entry that involved a tail of queues.

Peak Tram Looong Queues

After enjoying the stunning Hong Kong skyline we hightailed back to the Peak Galleria square looking for a place to catch some grub. We were slightly worried about our bus back to Central upon seeing the long and thick queues to the Peak Tram. The sight was pretty absurd. It’ll probably take several hours to get everyone down with the tram.

See the queues below:

I do not think I have seen anything like this before in the Peak. We just hoped that the bus scenario wouldn’t be as crazy as what we have just witnessed.

Here is a video I took of the looooong tram queue in front of the Peak Galleria:

The turn-around was really slow and most of these people bought the retour ticket. Cabs were also nowhere to be found.

Our Eats at Tsui Wah Restaurant
Website: Tsui Wah (or Tsui W)

Travelling with my mom requires the minimal walking crusade and picking cafes and restaurants must be within the 100-200 metre radius. Having said that, we obviously ate at the first restaurant we saw that fits the bill. Tsui Wah Restaurant.

This Hong Kong chain restaurant is strategically located on the Peak Galleria square. It was very busy when we went inside but I quite like their interior where they have everything open—an inviting open kitchen and floor to ceiling glass walls that creates a friendly spatial impression. We also have the view to the long tram queues which we were quite amused to follow.

After flipping through their menu, we decided to settle for the following dishes. We initially ordered them for each of us but ended up sharing the food with each other.

Sauteed vegetables is always a good idea.

Yang Chow fried rice. Filipinos must have rice in their meals.

Hot soup and milk tea with ice.

Noodles with braised beef and dumplings.

Fried egg noodles with steamed gai lan (chinese broccoli) and chilli sauce.

So how did the food in this restaurant fared? It was good, nothing spectacular and nothing bad, so I will give this restaurant a review score of 3.9 stars out of 5.

Bus Chaos Drama: Our Bus Queue was Hijacked

When we arrived at the bus station, we were, as expected, welcomed by long queues, however, they were not as awful as the queues to the Peak Tram. It would have been a bad idea to spend the night here right? Buses were on schedule anyway and they have added a few in between as well to help alleviate the razzle-dazzle. There were just too many tourists.

So while we were patiently and quietly queuing up on the official bus passenger row, a group of mainland Chinese tourists came forward and lined up against our line. At first we did not understand what was going on, until the assembly increased in numbers, and by the minute. It looks like that people just queued up, fell in line quickly and just turned a cold-shoulder, thinking perhaps that they can get away with it even though they knew it was not the official line. It was then that we realised this group is trying to hijack our line.

The front queuers protested but their pleas of —please queue at the back!!!— only went to deaf ears.

Our fears were confirmed when the bus arrived. These people indeed hijacked the bus from us! If you could see our faces, we all had a massive WTF written on our foreheads. The people at the back queues were too stunned to even react.

Now the bus driver tried his best to enforce some sense of orderliness but the flow and struggle of bodies desperate to climb on the bus was just too overwhelming, he could not stop the surge. People were elbowing, squeezing and pushing each other up to the hilt. I even had to step back and snatch my parents and sisterJ aside and out of the way because I feared one of us might get hurt. It was like in the middle of a mob.

The second bus came and the situation worsened. It’s gone barbaric. Children were now crying, the women hollering in sharp voices, and the pushing and elbowing became unbelievably hostile to handle. I heard expletives in Chinese Cantonese hurled at each other. I mean, it was insane! It was full-blown war, lol. At this point we just stood at the corner afraid to join in the melee. There was as well increasing protests and anger from the people at the back queue.

Then all of a sudden the situation just totally flipped.

This middle aged man from the back marched forward and took control of the situation by exploding himself into utter rage and catharsis. I mean he literally exploded like a bomb! He was so furious and started screaming at the people who hijacked our bus queue, right into their faces. This man was screeching at the top of his lungs, and I could see the nerves swelling on his neck and his sweat trickling down his face, as he feverishly shoved the dumbfounded group away with his frantic hands. GO AWAY! He was hysterical! He could have eaten their faces raw you know, right at that moment, lol.

We were of course caught by surprise, if not stoked and fascinated as well at this bus queue drama unfolding before our very eyes. I have never seen something like this in public? In fact, I did not see this confrontation coming!

The man didn’t stop screaming and shunting away the bus queue hijackers until the they were all dispersed. He also stood at the front queue guarding the official bus line until the next bus came and we were all able to board safely. THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!

My regrets: Because I was so caught up in the moment, I forgot to film him in action.

Back in our room at the Hotel Royal Plaza in Kowloon, we all concluded that the bus drama and chaos was the highlight of our The Peak visit.

Travel Period: August 2013
Destination: Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong

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