Saturday, November 30, 2013

An Evening in Bonn, Germany

The drive from Strasbourg, France to Bonn, Germany took me roughly three hours. The route via Germany from Alsace, France where I holidayed (Colmar, Alsace Wine Route) to Utrecht, the Netherlands is faster than via Belgium. I love long drives and I can be on the wheel for hours and I do not mind it at all. As long as I have good music, I am all set.

Best place to park in Bonn? Under the market square. I went to Google Maps and wrote down a few of the streets entering the market square and fed one of them to my GPS. When parking in your own country is going at 5.00 euros an hour, parking anywhere else in the world is always cheaper.

The Market Square (Markt) and Bonn City Hall and this is my souvenir picture of Bonn, inside the car in the underground parking of the Market Square =)

Bonn: Ludwig van Beethoven’s City
Websites: Bonn Tourism | Beethoven Haus

Did you know that Beethoven was born in Bonn in 1770? After his move to Vienna, the capital of classical music, sources say he remains faithful to his hometown and even wrote this, ‘I will always remember my time in Bonn as one of the happiest periods of my life.’

This is one of Beethoven’ s famous works: Symphony No. 5

Nonetheless, I wanted to see his place, the Beethoven-Haus, but I couldn’t make it earlier before the door closes for the day. It’s not very far from Utrecht so I will just come back another time. My friend, Herr Philippe, has suggested a lovely place for lunch in the city with beautiful views on the Rhine River so that is a good reason to come back as well.

Ludwig van Beethoven Statue on Munster Square (Munsterplatz).


Bonn: Previous Capital of (West) Germany

Not many people know this, except for my smart aleck nephew who wants to learn about everything. One time we were talking about the countries in Europe and one of it was Germany. He told me, ‘Bonn was the capital of (West) Germany before Berlin became one!’ Now you know why I call him the smart aleck nephew.

Bonn is also the headquarters of Deutsche Post/DHL and Deutsche Telekom/T-Mobile.

Anyway, let us take a stroll around the city... shall we?

The Bonn Minster (Das Bonner Münster), a Roman Catholic Church.

 Some re-enactment of sorts.

The Star Gate (Sterntor), which is a reconstruction of how the city gate looked like during the medieval period.

I stopped at this place called Cafe Restaurant Bonngout for light dinner. I ordered a Bruschette Mista which is an appetiser.

Baguette slices with tuna, tomato and corn with olive oil and melted gorgonzola cheese. Of course, a glass of red to go with this light meal.

Back here at the Market Square and about to say goodbye to Bonn before heading to the parking garage underneath when I saw this breath taking last fringes of sunset: Bonn at Twilight

Bonn, guten abend und auf wiederhesen.

Travel Period: April 2013
Destination: Bonn (North Rhine-Westphalia), Germany

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