Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Around Place de la Cathedrale in Strasbourg, France

I will definitely give Strasbourg a rain check. It looks like a promising lovely city and it’s just so unlucky that my time here is shortened to only a choucroute lunch event and a little stroll around the square and the quay.

Website for more information: Strasbourg Tourism

Just to give you an idea about this early spring holiday, I went with the car from the Netherlands (Utrecht) to the Alsace Region in France. The holiday is about Alsace and its wine villages.

This is my route: Utrecht, Netherlands --> Heidelberg, Germany (lunch stopover) --> Colmar, Alsace-France (holiday base). From Colmar I followed the Alsace Wine Village Route and even visited Basel, Switzerland.

This is my route going back: Strasbourg, Alsace-France (lunch stopover) --> Bonn, Germany (dinner stopover) --> Home, Utrecht, Netherlands and I expect to arrive just before midnight

Strasbourg for a very late lunch and Bonn for dinner. These are the last stop overs on my drive back to the Netherlands. It is going to be a long drive which is the reason why I carefully planned my stopovers during meal times. It is a car pit stop, but as well a time to relax my muscles from the hours on the wheel and to get to enjoy a little bit of sightseeing of the city and have a little feast as well.

Nevertheless, let me show you what I found around the Cathedral square…

Travel Period: April 2013
Destination: Strasbourg (Bas Rhin – Alsace), France

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