Tuesday, December 24, 2013

MRT/Metro Discipline: Only in Singapore?

Seriously, where else in the world can you find a very disciplined public such as this other than in Singapore?

Singapore metro

I mean, I could not believe my eyes. People were queuing up orderly like pupils in kindergarten school to get on board the MRT?! My, holy whatever, this is new to me. I cannot remember taking public transport here in the Netherlands and during my travels queuing up this orderly especially during busy peak hours. The crux of the matter is, there is no one, no MRT official ordering everyone to line up like this, just a common discernment from each other to queue up accordingly.

So there goes my camera for supplementary evidence =)

I asked my sister if this is normal and she said yes. Hmm, I can only think of Japan who has a disciplined public to emulate something extraordinary like this. Are there other countries out there that are runner ups? [I doubt]

Way to go Singapore! I hope you never change.

Metro SG

Inside the metro during non-peak hours.

Metro SG

During peak hours.

In Hong Kong we had a crazy experience queuing up for a bus: Victoria Peak:  Our Eats and the Tram Chaos and Bus Drama

Travel Period: July 2013
Destination: Singapore

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