Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Sant Pere Church & Tapas Lunch at Plaza Prat de Sant Pere in Besalu, Spain

One of my side trips when I was holidaying in Girona, Spain last month was Besalu, a very pretty mountain village in the province of Girona in the Catalonia region. On my next post about Besalu, I will show you the beauty of this medieval gem of a village.

While walking around town I came upon this big square with a church in the middle.

Sant Pere Church on Plaza Prat de Sant Pere

Plaza Prat de Sant Pere.

Sant Pere Church (Saint  Peter's Church). The church interior is looking rather austere devoid of glam that we know of Catholic Churches bearing the name of St. Peter.

Tapas Lunch: Tuna + Peppers + Mushrooms

The plaza is ringed with cafes and restaurants so I elected to have my lunch here. After a thorough survey of the area and the restaurants, I settled for lunch at this Tapas Restaurant that I forgot to take down the name or even take a picture of the restaurant's signage. It is located across the church.

I ate here because of a few reasons: (1) As per ambiance, this was the only restaurant that looked quite inviting, and classy. (2) The restaurant served tapas whilst other (relatively busy) restaurants were serving very touristy-like menus. I do not want touristy food. I want the real Catalan tapas for lunch.

And so I ordered real Catalan tapas. The first tapa to arrive the table are fresh tuna chunks in virgin olive oil. They were flavoured with some balsamico and this was very delicious.

Paired of course with a white wine from a nearby region. I forgot the name of the wine region, the middle aged man serving me said it is from another region in Spain.

Then the rest of my tapas lunch have arrived: Fried Pimientos de Padron (green padron peppers), Stir-fry Mushroom Mix and a little basket of baguette bread. I cannot be more than happy with this meal.

There is not much going on in the square, and it does not really matter as I am taking my time. I love slow and relaxing lunches, especially when the food in front of me is delicious. The secret to enjoying our travels is when we go slow and soak in the moment, and that  is what I did.

These residents were talking to each other from outside their windows =)

When you are in Spain, make sure you are not only enjoying the country, their culture and its people, but as well their food. Tapas!

More soon of Besalu.

Travel Period: November 2013
Destination: Besalu (Catalonia), Spain

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