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Kadriorg Palace and Gardens in Tallinn, Estonia

The resident jewel of the Kadriorg Park is of course the Kadriorg Palace and its gardens. This is the grandest palace Estonia has.

Kadriorg Palace | Kadriorg Art Museum
Website: Kadriorg Art Museum

The Kadriorg Palace is a Petrine Baroque palace built for Catherine I of Russia by Tsar Peter the Great as a summer residence for the royal couple. The palace nowadays acts as a museum of art, called the Kadriorg Art Museum and is devoted to foreign art mainly Western European Art and Russian Art. I have a thing with museums if they are only showcasing paintings, but I came here as well for the palace’s architecture and interior design, which did not disappoint.

It was a shame though that there were no flowers in bloom in the gardens. Perhaps I was too early in May? Nevertheless, the gardens still made a lovely impression. They said that they are similar to the Strelna in Russia and Versailles in France.


Perhaps I came too early, the flowerbeds were still sleeping.

The facade of the palace from the side of the garden. The entrance is on the other side.

The other side of the palace is the entrance. There is a fee to visit the palace and museum.

The main lobby and the ticketing office is where the people lined up.

This is what greeted me when I went upstairs, the beautiful baroque ballroom.

The painting on the ceiling.

Lovely details of the columns.

More beautiful and fine details.

The wing of the palace facing the gardens. 

Beautiful chairs, one looks like an art deco swan chair.

Cannot resist to take a picture when there are mirrors everywhere.

There was an exposition about Ilya Repins works at the Kadriorg Art Museum. He is a Russian realist painter. This is one of his masterpieces, Portrait of Elizaveta Zwantseva, 1889.

Painting exhibits and that is a humongous porcelain fireplace.

One of the paintings I like: Port of Tallinn, 1853 by Aleksey Bogolyubov. Oil on canvas.

And another painting that I like: Soldier's Tale by Ilya Repin. Oil on canvas.

Beautiful wood art on the panels of the upper walls.

A view of the ballroom from the upper floor.

Children on a palace and museum tour.

How to get here? For directions, read this entry: Kadriorg Park in Tallinn, Estonia

Travel Period: May 2014
Destination: Kadriorg - Tallinn, Estonia

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