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Reminder on Going Local (Estonian Eats) in Tallinn and eventually Dining at Restaurant Dominic

When I was in May last year in Tallinn, Estonia, I went to see a ballet performance at the Estonian National Theater. See here: Watched ‘La Bayadere’ Ballet Show at the Estonian National Theatre

After the show I was hankering for some mediterannean, like a tapa or an antipasti, nothing big and lavish, just a bite really. Although Tallinn is beginning to become international, the likelihood of having an array of Spanish and Italian food choices in the old city was not much. It is better to choose Estonian cuisine but I was not really in an adventurous mood, and moreover, to eat a very filling meal. Estonian food is like Polish-Austrian-German food, big on meat and potatoes.

A reminder on going local...

Raekoja Square (main square of Tallinn old town).

While strolling and looking for restaurants offering a mediterranean menu, I bumped into a group of middle aged tourists in the Raekoja Square. The American man was very friendly and invited me to join them for a drink since I am on my own. I did stop for a bit and joined them in a little discussion. I then told them that I am craving for tapas or some mediterranean ham.

‘Why look for something Spanish and Italian? This is Estonia!’ blurted out the middle aged American man in a very cavalier way. ‘You should be eating local Estonian food instead.’ he added.

His wife, who I think was European (she could be Finnish) was quick to intervene, understanding that American enthusiasm and goodwill does not always have its merit in Europe. She gave me a sympathetic nod and tried to shush him up, putting him in his right place.

Except for his cavalier way of making a point, the American man is actually right. I agree with him that when we travel, we should always try our best to go local, which is what I always do in my travels anyway. And although I admit that these are ideal guidelines to follow when travelling, at the end of the day everything else really remains our own prerogative. Because there comes a time during our travelling episodes when we are called upon to acknowledge and satisfy a craving, be it silly or not.

As for me I want to indulge in a Spanish tapa, or any kind of Italian antipasti! Not some humungous meaty blood(y) sausage with spoonfuls of pureed potato on the side, okay.

Restaurant Dominic saved the day
Website: Restoran Dominic

And this is when I found Restoran Dominic a block away located across the glamorous Telegraaf Hotel where I had my unforgettable Russian dinner at Tchaikovsky Restaurant. On the menu at Dominic’s is Serrano Ham and Gorgonzola Cheese. A good pairing of Spanish and Italian! Jackpot, this is what I want.

Melon & Salad with Gorgonzola Cheese and Serrano Ham.

My red wine is a Ripasso Valpolicella from the Veneto Region in Italy. I have been to Valpolicella, see here my old report in 2010: Views and a Visit to San Giorgo and Sant'Ambrogio in the Valpolicella wine country

Yellow melon and red watermelon balls. Light and just right.

A seating corner inside Restoran Dominic.

I very much enjoyed this light and refreshing dinner. The wait staff was nice. The ambiance of the restaurant was cosy and cool. The food was innovative and great. It was a very simple starter / salad which became a lovely and tasty meal in its own right.

4.2 stars out of 5.

A little stroll back to my hotel room after dinner.

Yes, I have these out-of-sync cravings for a certain food days sometimes when I travel.

Travel Period: May 2013
Destination: Tallinn, Estonia

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