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Quick Visit: Vathy City, the Capital of Samos Island, Greece

Vathy, also spelled as Vathi is the capital city of Samos Island. We have only been here once in the afternoon because it really is quite far from where we were staying in Kampos/Votsalakia. Its like east to west and takes more than an hour with the scooter.

Vathy, Capital City of Samos
Website: Vathy

The main square of Vathy called Pythagoras Square is located across the Port of Vathy and is ringed with many outdoor cafe and restaurant terraces. Dutchman and I quickly took a seat in one of the cafe terraces for our favourite drink in the Greek Isles, the thirst quencher frappe coffee. This thing is bloody good and are very popular here. We never miss a holiday in Greece not ordering them.

At the back of the square is the main shopping alley which was very quiet because it was siesta time. The mediterranean countries know when to do business and how to make the most of living life. A little siesta time never hurts. They even say it will only increase productivity?

Further ahead from the marina on the coastal road Dutchman and I spied several nice lounge bars on the seaside cliff. They look very cool and inviting and I am sure the action starts later in the evening. Too bad we would have gone back to our nook of the woods in the island.

A very laid back city, I like it, sadly it is too far and we do not have much time.

Here is our route going through the mountains and northern coastal roads:

You can move the map with your mouse, as well as zoom in and zoom out the map by clicking on the + and - signs on the lower right hand side corner.

The city is basically concentrated around the port marina. There are regular sailings to other Greek Islands and Turkey here. More sailings at the Port of Pythagorion.

Must make a selfie haha.

The Pythagoras Square. Pythagoras was born in Samos in nearby Pythagorion/Pythgoreio.

There are many outdoor cafe terraces here but it looks like the holidaymakers are at the beach.

The Greek Frappe Coffees! They are so good. Must try in the Greek Isles.

The cafe terrace scene on Pythagoras Square.

Checking out the window displays on the shopping lane. I really like the influence of traditional Greek-style fashion. I probably would have been tempted to buy if the shop was not closed.

The main shopping lane of Vathy. Shops are closed for the afternoon siesta.

Eastern Orthodox Church in Vathy. The door was locked.

The European Union has bailed out Greece from bankruptcy so it is indeed a good idea that the EU flag fly side by side with the Greek flag.

Travel Period: June-July 2013
Destination: Vathy, Samos Island, Greece

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