Saturday, February 22, 2014

When Dusk Falls in Kowloon: My Fascination for Neon Signboard Lights (and Mong Kok Ladies Market)

Kowloon Neon Signboard Lights

We all know that Central has its edge when it comes to glamour and sophistication, but there is nothing as fundamental, congenital and organically designed that represents Hong Kong in a raw manner as the bustling chaos of human traffic under a sea of neon signboard lights in Chinese characters in Kowloon. Kowloon gives you the rush, that sensation, the unadulterated feeling that you are indeed in real Hong Kong.

Kowloon is the heart of Hong Kong and its animated network of streets are the pulsating arteries the nation relies on to beat 24 x 7. She does not sleep at all...

The striking neon signboard lights in Chinese characters are so facinating to me. They are in my opinion what truly makes the extraordinary exotic atmosphere of Kowloon. I hope the government will keep and preserve the neon signboard lights because this is what makes Kowloon... Kowloon.

 Shantung Street.

Lost in translation, but wait, there is KFC! 

So very lost in translation here. Nathan Road.

And the sea of crowds in Mongkok.

More crowds in Mongkok.

Soy Street is a very busy street.

Mong Kok Ladies Market
Address: Tung Choi Street | Website: Mong Kok Ladies Market | MTR Station: Mong Kok

We managed to swing by at the Ladies Market in Mongkok one evening. The hotel we were staying is located nearby, the Royal Plaza Hotel, so might as well enjoy all the market scene in Mong Kok area. To get here check the link above.

At the Ladies Market the vendors specialise on ladies items of course but you can also find other items for multi-sex, as well as souvenirs.

Chinese lucky charms.

Lots of ladies stuff here.

The market is open in the afternoon until midnight.

Travel Period: August 2013
Destination: Kowloon, Hong Kong SAR

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