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Food Souvenirs: I left my Jerky (Bakkwa) in Macau

I am only a big meat eater when it comes to salami and jerky meats. The good news with these kinds of meats is that they usually have less saturated fats, trans fat and cholesterol.

I hope it is really real honey they use instead of sugar.

Macau Food Souvenirs: Egg Tarts and Jerky

When people think of Macau, people think of casinos, shopping malls and egg tarts. I think of jerky.

Granted that the egg tarts are the most popular food souvenir item in Macau (we had to contol my mom from buying more egg tart boxes!), but because I have tasted the original Portuguese egg tart in Portugal I am jaded. Biased. So let me just stick my heart to where it belongs when it concerns Macau = Jerky.

Luck is a big thing with the superstitious Chinese. They say  that some people are just lucky, some are not and there are others who are just unlucky. My family in Cebu have many Chinese friends and they always comment that I am a lucky girl because of my mole on my upper mouth. They see that as a sign of abundance, I will never starve. Well, thank you!

Portuguese egg tarts! The most important remnant that Portugal left in Macau.

Milk soya teas are so good in Asia. You have to try them when you are there.

The Chinese jerky which is called Bakkwa or Rougan are very popular outside China in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Macau. They are originally a Hokkien delicacy from the Fujian province in China. I remember buying them from a street vendor in Singapore and Hong Kong many years ago, but in Macau they have streets dedicated to selling this delicacy.

In the Philippines we have a similar albeit commercialised version but very much pales in comparison when it comes to quality and tastiness.

In Macau they have beef, mutton, chicken and pork prepared in different styles. The downside to Chinese jerky is I think they have more sugar and salt than for example the English or American jerky. They say they use honey, I hope so! I prefer the less sweetier version though. SisterJ and I bought a few packs =)

Where to find them? Follow the route going to St. Paul’s Ruins from Senado Square all the way through Rua de Sao Paolo. I have below lots of pictures.

I love the spicy options. The vendors offer free tasting as well. 

Very busy narrow and pedestrianised shopping streets in Macau old town.

How to eat them? Eat them as snack =)

People here lining up for the fresh out of the oven egg tarts.

I love the narrow, colourful and busy shopping streets of Macau old town. It’s like Kowloon shrunk to a smaller scale without vehicle traffic. Love it.

When in Macau, look for the egg tarts and jerky meats.

Travel Period: August 2013
Destination: Macau Peninsula, Macau SAR

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