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Most Popular Touristy Photo Shoot Location in Macau: The Ruins of St. Paul

So much can be said about the Ruins of St. Paul, but the fact remains that this is the most popular photo shoot opportunity location by tourists.

The Ruins of St. Paul 

I actually had fun watching all the photo shoots and people going crazy with different kinds of posing, smiles, gestures, acting or whatever you might want to call it. If you cannot beat them, join them!

It is easy to get to the Ruins of St. Paul, just follow the signs or the crowds from the Senado Square through the narrow shopping streets, and upon reaching Rua de Sao Paolo the façade of the 17th century cathedral will emerge into view.

The baroque cathedral of the Jesuit order was called ‘Mater Dei’ and the decorative motifs on its façade is a fusion of the different influences around the world, from Europe, China and other parts of Asia. Beside the church is the remains of the 16th century College of St. Paul, the first western Christian school in the Far East.

The lone standing façade ruin is a UNESCO world heritage.

The ruins of the cathedral emerging into view from the busy narrow shopping streets.

A very busy yet relaxing part of Macau.

TRIVIA: Did you know that St. Paul is an apostle and not a disciple?

Although he never met Jesus personally he was considered by many of the disciples which are apostles on their right as the 13th apostle. Jesus had 12 disciples, one of which betrayed him and sold him to the Romans.

In the Christian religion, an apostle is sent by god whilst a disciple is someone who studied under Jesus.

This area including the Senado Square will truly bring you to Europe. A little piece of preserved Portugal, or Europe in Asia.

Our turn to do photo shoots =)

They say the facade of the cathedral ruins is the altar of the city. 3/4 of Macau residents are Buddhists but the little country, rather state exercises freedom of religion.

Sister love. We have 11 years gap. SisterJ is 33 (I am fully aware that she looks like a college student!) and I am 43 turning 44 this summer. 

Nice view from up the stairs.

Travel Period: August 2013
Destination: Macau Peninsula, Macau SAR

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