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Gourmet Lunch at Savini’s in Milan: Artichokes with Ricotta and Risotto with Asparagus and Truffles

The second thing we did when we arrived in Milan after checking in to our hotel and checking out the Piazza Duomo, the Duomo Cathedral and Galleria Vittorio Emanuele is LUNCH.

We were starving and we wanted to have the best seat in town. So we decided to stay at the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele and find the chicest place to have lunch and people watch. We stumbled upon Savini.

Savini is located in the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele.

Gourmet Lunch at Savini’s
Website: Savini 1867 Milano

I really have no idea about Savini’s except that it’s outdoor terrace looks elegant. It did not take Blondine and I long enough to make a decision to settle at a corner table offered to us by the head waiter who is as cheeky and savvy as ever, in a positive way though. He can’t help to behave that way because he is Italian, hehe. He did blush a bit when we pressed him with questions. The man for sure loved his job, entertaining guests and keeping the rest of the wait staff on their toes.

We started with some drinks. In Italy, if you want to order sparkling wine, it is better to choose Prosecco over Champagne. It's just proper manners, we are in Italy and not in France =)

The head waiter initially thought we were Germans (Dutch is slightly similar to Deutsch and many foreigners mistake Dutch for Deutsch/German) and when we told him we are from Holland, he quickly said something about Wesley Sneijder, a popular Dutch football player who used to play for AC Milan. I know, men and football.

Blondine and I ordered our lunch, a shared antipasti and separate mains. While waiting, the bread rolls with the usual Italian condiments of olive oil, balsamico vinegar, salt and pepper arrived.

The bread rolls under the napkins were still warm.

Blondine settled for a cola.

Moi with my prosecco.

We dipped the bread rolls and toasts in very thick extra virgin olive oil the waiter specially brought to us, only to be taken back inside the restaurant after pouring us each a generous portion. The olive oil was so good and it must have been very expensive since the waiter did not leave it at the table. There was another olive oil on the table but it did not match this one. The balsamico from Modena was equally gorgeous.

Our antipasti to share just came right in time.

Artichokes stewed in marjoram and filled with Ricotta cheese and sliced tuna 'Bottarga'. Ah, this was heaven. If only we could lick the plate clean, but we are ladies so we must behave and will behave.

After the antipasti from heaven our mains arrived smelling so good. Risotto with Taleggio cheese, asparagus and Black Truffles. Truffles give that really sexy gastronomic smell.

I am not very fond of risotto but knowing that Milan is famous for its delicious risottos we dived in and ordered the best described risotto dish on the menu. We were not disappointed! This is so far the best risotto I have ever had.

This was just soooo darn good.... and those black truffles...

Just tonight I visited Savini’s website and it looks like this 150 years old restaurant has been visited by famous artists, famous people and celebrities. Interesting huh? But we were not there to spot famous people dining at the restaurant but to spot normal people walking past by the restaurant =)

Not the cheapest restaurant in the galleria but if you fancy some elegant ambiance, you’d love it here. And the food was very good as well! 4.3 stars out of 5.

Travel Period: April 2014
Destination: Milan (Lombardy), Italy

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