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Seafood Medley Lunch at Restaurant Lungomare, Savoy Hotel in Opatija

From the capital of Croatia, Zagreb I left the city for my next destination in my agenda—the captivating Rovinj. It is 3+ hour drive to get there so I decided to stop by in Opatija for lunch. The riviera town is along the way and I have heard nice stories about it.

The drive however wasn’t really that easy because the weather turned sour the minute I reached the mountains. A thick mist descended and enveloped the mountain range resulting into just a few metres visibility. Moreover, the highway goes through endless tunnels and cliff bridges. So the drive took longer than planned as safety is a priority.

This was a very enjoyable lunch.

Seafood Medley at Restaurant Lungomare
Website: Restaurant Lungomare of Savoy Hotel

Nonetheless because of the long drive and the unexpected weather I was late for my lunch and was famished when I arrived in Opatija. See here the drive in Google Maps: Zagreb to Opatija

Opatija is Croatia’s Riviera where the rich, famous and wannabes come together during the summer. It was March when I was there so I wasn’t expecting any ill-timed happening and major sightseeing of decadent and contemptible lifestyles. I just want my lunch please =)

I quickly found a restaurant along the beach with a beautiful view of the Kvarner Bay, and I know what I want: SEAFOOD.

The restaurant is owned by the Savoy Hotel which is attached to it and is named after the 12 kilometre Riviera boulevard of Opatija that stretches from Preluka to Lovran. This path passes just below the balcony terrace of Restaurant Lungomare.

You know I am a sucker for lovely views whilst dining so this place is highly recommended. The food was quite good as well but I only had a seafood salad and cannot really judge their other dishes. However, I can only imagine what the outdoor terrace looks like on the balcony during summer. Definitely a magnet for anyone whos wishes to dine and wine in style and with a perfect view.

The fog in the mountains was so thick. I drove more than an hour in this weather condition.

My Nokia Mini GPS Navigator led the way for me.

The fog lifted up as I descended down the bay where Opatija is located.

This is my route according to Google Maps:

You can move the map with your mouse, as well as zoom in and zoom out the map by clicking on the + and - signs on the lower right hand corner.

I was quick to find a street parking (pay machine, only coins thus handy to have local currency kuna coins) and found this restaurant that has a lovely view to the Kvarner Bay.

My delicious seafood medley salad lunch. This was so good

In the seafood salad I have squid and shrimps.

As you can see I was the last standing woman, er I mean sitting woman in the restaurant. It was a late lunch though and I like my lunches slow as well.

There was salmon in the seafood salad too and then I closed the lunch with a cup of espresso.

Very happy with this seafood lunch. 4.4 stars out of 5!

This restaurant and hotel is not hard to miss in Opatija. It is along the main road and the seaside promenade. Highly recommended, especially for the ambiance and views.

Travel Period: March 2014
Destination: Opatija (Primorje-Gorski Kotar), Croatia

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