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Fruits de Mer at The Seafood Bar in Amsterdam

There’s no denying that I am crazy about seafood, and yes I would go on for days craving like a pregnant woman scorned. Well not that I know what pregnant is like as I have never ever been one, haha, but you get the point of course.

Fruits de Mer for 1 Person
Website: The Seafood Bar

Seafood is my most beloved food, and my favourites are shellfishes and crustaceans. This classic French delight commonly called ‘plateau fruits de mer’ (fresh seafood platter) is always a welcome treat for me.

Unfortunately, most fish restaurants offering fruits de mer price and serve this minimum for 2 persons. I have no idea why when it is not something you cook. These are fresh raw seafood ready to eat, or at least quickly steamed or simmered, so why have a quota?

The reason why I am complaining is because Dutchman does not eat seafood (he is missing a lot in life!), which means I rarely cook fish at home thus I make the most of this lack when we eat out, ergo the most unhandy scenario for a seafood lover like me. *sigh* I’d have to call my girlfriends for lunch dates or dinners instead.

You can imagine my surprise and excitement when I found out that the Seafood Bar offers them for 1 person! Hallelujah!

So yes, last March I came. I ate. I savoured it. I was fulfilled, er filled.

The restaurant is located in Amsterdam Oud-Zuid, near the Museumplein and Vondel Park. Great place to have lunch after a museum visit. Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum and the Stedelijk Museum are all just around the corner.

So worth it, I am very much coming back. 4.6 stars out of 5.

He is preparing my order of plateau fruits de mer =)

 A glass of champagne to go with my seafood delight.

Fruits de Mer for 1 person + bread and butter + champagne. This is my perfect lunch.

Cockels lightly simmered with herbs, leeks and carrots. There was also a small portion of clams, as well some periwinkles.

Razor clams dressed with oyster sauce.

Fresh jumbo prawns are always welcome.

Nerites sea snails. I love taking them out with the needle =). This reminds me of home, of Cebu and my childhood days.

Peeled Hollandse garnalen (Dutch shrimps), Japanese seaweed salad and cocktail sauce. Oh, there's crab salad under the shrimps as well.

Steamed mussels of course.

Always a favourite: Fresh oysters

Finished the lunch off with a cup of espresso and a typically Dutch pastry, the stroopwafel (caramel pressed waffle).

The warm kitchen is located at the back whilst the seafood bar (cold kitchen) is at the front part of the restaurant.

He was a bit shy, huh =). Well, I would love to try those crab legs next time!

The seafood bar greets you when you enter the restaurant.

Located on Van Baerlestraat, to the left on the picture you can see a little part of Vondel Park (those thinned trees).

Visit Period: March 2014
Destination: Amsterdam South (Amsterdam – North Holland), The Netherlands

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