Friday, July 11, 2014

Our First Time at Glyfada Beach: Aloha White Beach Bar

Glyfada Beach at the western coastline of Corfu Island is Dutchman´s favourite beach.

Aloha Glyfada Beach

We have been here three times and these pictures were taken during the first time we came here. It was a greyish and windy day. We arrived late in the afternoon and the seas were rowdy, the waves tossing and turning against the shoreline. There were not many people at the beach as well. We quickly found this cool lounge cafe bar with music playing on the seafront.

Aloha White Beach Bar quickly became a favourite and you will understand why when you see the pictures below. Whenever we are in the Greek Islands, we never forget to order the popular Greek Frappes (ice coffees). I tell you, they make them differently here. Order them sweet or medium sweet and with milk.

We also tried flying the small kite Dutchman brought with him. One word: FAIL.

Hope you enjoy the pictures!

Glyfada on a late gloomy afternoon.

This beach area is on the left part of Glyfada Beach.

The beaches on the western coastline of Corfu are long stretches of sand while the east are pebbly.

Aloha White Beach Bar.

I do not buy beauty magazines anymore because I think they are only for unsuspecting teenagers and twentysomethings. Like the body on the picture that many women who are past their prime still want to achieve. My take? It is absurd, accept reality. Anyway, this was lying at the resort, so I brought it with me to the beach.

The Greek Frappes are a must in the Greek Isles!

The beach bar was too quiet that late afternoon.

Perhaps you can understand now why this beach bar is our favourite? Above you can see the map of Corfu Island. Dutchman and I managed to register 933 kilometres with our scooter =)

The Scooter Route

Check out our route coming here:

Dassia to Glyfada. You can move the map with your mouse, as well as zoom in and out by clicking on the + and - signs on the lower right hand corner.


Beach life in Glyfada Beach.

The end of the day is nearing.

The perfect lounge beach bar in Glyfada Beach except that they play the same music (album) again and again and that boring concert of country music.

Not the best beach day to swim with those rough waves. I have actually become so tanned, er I mean, dark, in this holiday, although I have expected worse.

Empty sunbeds at the end of the day. Sunset in Corfu end June and early July was between 21:00 and 21:30 hours.

At the other side of Glyfada Beach people are still enjoying the beach even if its almost 20:00 hours.

Travel Period: June-July 2014
Destination: Glyfada, Parelioi (Corfu - Ionian Islands), Greece

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