Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Ramparts of Cite de Carcassonne in Languedoc, France

It is impossible for me to post all the pictures I took of Carcassonne so I will be dividing them into several blog posts. The ramparts of this fortified ancient city though is a must visit. It is impressive and massive and will definitely bring you back in the medieval period.

La Cite Ramparts
Tourism website: Carcassonne, France

From the ramparts, I also saw lovely views of the new part of Carcassonne called ‘Ville Basse’ and the countryside. The Languedoc region is famous for its wines and rolling vineyards graze the valleys. It is beautiful and peaceful here.

The walled city is a UNESCO world heritage site since 1997. When you are here it is important to distinguish La Cite from Ville Basse. Because if you say Carcassonne, the locals will think of Ville Basse (lower city) and this is the main city itself. La Cite refers to the medieval walled city.

You might also wonder, what does Carcassonne actually mean?

Well legend has it that it originally came from the phrase ‘Carcas sonne’ (Carcas rings) when the men of Charlemagne exclaimed this phrase during the siege of the city. I will not bore you the details but you can read the story here: Lady Carcas

Tonight, just after dinner, Dutchman and I were in the living room watching the news on TV over coffee.

‘I saw your posts about France.’ He mumbled.

‘Bah, am I so glad I don’t have to go with you on these boring dead fossilised castle villages trips.’

Well naturally I had to laugh, roll my eyes and give him a little peck on his sticky forehead for being such a silly and grumpy Dutchman.

Let us just say that life can be boring when you both like the same thing =)

View from the ramparts to Ville Basse (lower city which is where the main city of Carcassonne is located).

An early morning stroll for moi since the shops and cafe terraces are still closed.

Doves gathering.

Catching a glimpse of the vineyards.

Typically French countryside, lush and rich in nature.

November in Carcassonne and the vineyards still reflect a bit of autumn.

This was taken in the afternoon and naturally the group tours have arrived.

Children on an educational and historical day trip.

Beautiful countryside view behind the ramparts.

Managed to take a few pictures of myself! Thank you 10-second timer, haha, although it is a challenge to get a good one like this. You have to think of where to place the camera.

The ramparts from the outside.

La Cite by day. Ancient. Imposing. 

Travel Period: November 2013
Destination: Carcassonne (Languedoc-Rossillon), France

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