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Dreamlike Lake Bled in Slovenia

There is really no best time to visit Lake Bled because each season offers a different scenery of the lake. Although I think that the best hours to visit would be when the sun is positioned at the other side of the lake (by the entrance to the lake from the highway), then you can clearly see the lagoon and the little island.

Simply breahtaking is it not?

I was in Bled early in the afternoon and when I stood there at the foot of the lake I saw a sheer silhouette of the breathtaking place. There is something about the smoky and voluminous white sheath covering the whole lake. The scenery is stunning. It looked a bit surreal though, as if the whole set was staged theatrically. Perhaps enchanting is the right word to describe?

As I only have a pocket camera (an old Sony Cybershot), I was worried about how my pictures will turn out. Luckily they came out just fine. My pictures were dreamlike =)

Lake Bled is located in the Julian Alps, in the northern part of Slovenia near the Austrian border. What makes this lake special is its picturesque setting. It is a closed lake with a small island called Lake Bled Island in the middle. Visitors can rent a boat and visit the island. Moreover, the lake is surrounded by mountains and thick forests that alters its colours throughout the change of seasons. And the magnificent backdrop behind all this? The snow-capped Julian Alps. The cherry on top of the icing is the medieval Bled Castle sitting on a rugged rock cliff overlooking the lagoon.

Now tell me who would not fall in love with a picturesque setting like this?

The only rebuff part of Lake Bled is the super hyped up image travel and tour agencies have rallied up in order to promote this place. Of course they want to earn their buck but expectations need to be set in place as well.

Here is my route to Lake Bled from Ljubljana. I have a rental car and its just 41 minutes from the capital.

You can move the map with your mouse, as well as zoom it in and out by clicking on the + and - signs on the lower right hand side.

It was March when I was there and traces of snow are still left on the pathways.

The silhouette of Lake Bled Island in the middle of the lake behind a smoky backdrop.

The Bled Castle on top of a rock cliff. The castle can be reached on foot (not advisable for the unfit as you have to climb the steps, I did this though) and by vehicle via a small road.

Around the lake is a recreational park with hotel resorts, restaurants, cafes and many outdoor sporting facilities.

Ducks and swans make the lagoon their home.

One of the outdoor cafe restaurants at the castle side of the lake.

Lake Bled is a popular destination for weddings as well. During summer it gets super busy in and around the lake.

So what do you think of Lake Bled?

Next, I will show you Bled Castle, the views from up there to the lake and my lunch.

Travel Period: March 2014
Destination: Bled (), Slovenia

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