Saturday, September 13, 2014

Slovenian Coastal Town: Izola Impressions

Izola is quite a charming coastal town with a big yacht anchorage.

Izola (once) Fishing Town

I do not have much to say about Izola. It is one of the popular coastal towns of Slovenia which used to be a thriving fishing town but is now a lifestyle destination with a relatively large yacht harbour.

I was on my way to Ljubljana (capital of the country) coming from Rovinj, Croatia via Piran and decided to stop over here since it is along the way anyway, and just 20 minutes from Piran. I could use some more walking and coffee time I thought.

It was March when I was here thus unlike the summer season when it is brimming with visitors, March was very quiet. It’s mostly locals that I see on the streets which I find refreshing as you really get to witness the normal daily life activity of the towns people without the tourism camouflage.

And oh, I managed to go inside a music school uninvited. Go here for the story: A peek into Izola’s music school

Are you ready to come along and stroll with me in Izola?

The smaller boats are docked near the promenade. Parking area is just across this.

A very nice promenade, much larger than the one in Rovinj, Croatia.

The buildings in the centre are in multi-hued pastel colours, which is actually pleasing to the eyes.

It is March, the end of winter and low peak season thus there were almost no tourists. I like that. Then I am able to experience the place just how it is.

This church reminds me of the church in Cinque Terre's Monterosso al Mare in Italy.

This is the church tower that you see in the skyline of Izola, the Church of St. Maurus.

This is how you hang the laundry.

Most windows have wooden shutters in Izola.

Some buildings are not rehabilitated yet.

Some outdoor terraces are empty.

Found a much livier street with an outdoor terrace.

An espresso at the Cafe Alle Porte. Perhaps one of the best located cafes as it sits in the middle of a fork intersection.

Cafe Alle Porte in Izola.

Vegetable and fruit market on Etbina Kristana Trg.

I love artichokes. Reminds me of my dinner at Pont 13, a restaurant boat in Amsterdam where Bru and I ordered artichokes. Go here: Pont 13 Dinner in Amsterdam.

Slovenia is using Euro currency by the way. The country as a whole is cheaper than western Europe but a lot more expensive than Croatia.

Here back at the promenade walking to the car parking. Time to move on with my journey and proceed to Ljubljana.

Travel Period: March 2014
Destination: Izola (Coastal Karst), Slovenia

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