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Driving around the Eifel Villages (Einruhr, Gemund, Schleiden) in Germany

Earlier this year I went to Monschau, which is the prettiest village in the Eifel Region of Germany. I will soon be posting my pictures about this lovely place, but first, let me take you on a ride in this region of Germany known for its nature parks, sleepy villages and crater-like lakes.

The quaint village of Einhruhr.

The Eifel Region Map.

The Eifel Region is located beside Belgium, right below Aachen (Germany) which is near Maastricht (Netherlands). It is not very far from Bonn and Cologne as well. The area is popular with the active type local tourists, mostly families with children, as well as Dutch and Belgian tourists during summer for nature activities and outdoor sports (mountain and water sports).

I actually wanted to visit a café restaurant with an impressive location and view on the Urft lake and dam. The dam is a step-dam that flows down to the river. The cafe sits on top. Quite an intense location I should say! However, my GPS went bonkers. The address led me instead to a section of the Eifel National Park and I couldn’t see any direction to the café restaurant, to the Irft lake or to the dam itself. So I ended up driving around.

Like they say—Shit happens. But I did enjoyed the ride and managed to walk around one of the villages called Schleiden.

I love driving. It gives me the feeling of freedom and possibilities.

This is the route I made. Beginning in Monschau, I just went around, followed a circle route before calling it a day and returning to Monschau area.

My route whilst getting lost looking for the cafe in Urft Dam. You can move the map by holding it with your mouse, as well as zoom it in and out with the + and - signs on the lower right hand side.

Einruhr village is nicely situated on the Rur Lake. It is one of the villages of Simmerath municipality.

This is the Gemund village.

I had to quickly stop at Gemund village to take a panorama picture and this beautiful Haus Marienfels along the road. 

Here, I have just arrived in Schleiden village.

The Olef River passing through the village.

I did not have plans on visiting Schleiden. It was just a spur of the moment. I passed by, I was there, why not stop and walk around?

There was a little market going on the village square. There is even a Dutch cheese stand.

German style half-timbered facade houses in Schleiden. I believe the one with the staircase is the old town hall.

Local spirits from the region, the Eifelkräuter, Eifelfeuer, Eifelgeist and the Hüllenkremer Els Echt Alt Montjoie.

The Eifel region is a big national park. It is paradise for the outdoor sports enthusiast and for families with young children.

Spying a pony here.

Their cows here look like oversized goats.

It would have been nice to wake up in the morning with a view like this.

I stopped at this farm and got out of the car to get some fresh air. I loved seeing the valleys and fields. It makes you feel fresh and alive. 

Do you think you can live in a place like this?

Travel Period: March 2014
Destination: Eifel Region ( Germany

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