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Grand Seafood Istrian Lunch at Da Piero Restaurant in Zagreb’s Dolac Market

To finish off my Croatia chronicles is my last meal in Zagreb. Lunch at new restaurant in town, the Da Piero Restaurant in the terrace of the Dolac Market. My flight back to the Netherlands leaves in the afternoon and what better to close the holiday with a grand lunch in the old centre.

Istrian cuisine in Zagreb: Grand seafood mix (grilled fish, squid, crayfish, and breaded fish fillet) on a bed of potatoes and spinach.

Well, to back track a bit. I really had no idea where to eat. I wanted to sit down in an open area though. In fact I thought about eating at the Tkalciceva Street, but unfortunately, most restaurant cafes there only offer drinks. I spotted a traditional restaurant but it does not have a terrace and I will have to go inside to eat. No bother then. So I decided to go to the Dolac area. The Dolac market is always an energetic place to visit. Perhaps I will get some ideas there and see some nice places.

Just a little below the Dolac market is an open terrace converted into a restaurant. This is where I discovered Da Piero Restaurant. I did a quick scan on the menu and liked what I saw so I made the decision. The wait staff asked me if I wanted to go inside to be seated. I told him I will sit outside.

The wait staff was a very talkative and bouncy man. He asked why I am in Croatia, so I told him the places I have been to in his country. He was ecstatic when he learned I have been to Rovinj and Pula. `We have restaurants there!!!´ `Did you eat there?´ I said no and that he does not have to worry because I am now eating at their Zagreb branch. He grinned, wide.

He further told me that Da Piero Restaurant originated in Rovinj, and Pula is their second branch, and Zagreb, they just recently opened. The restaurant specialises in Istrian and Italian cuisine.

When I ordered the grand mix seafood, that I was sure I was not going to finish, the man said, `Good choice!´

Here are the rest of my pictures:

This is just below the Dolac Market at the Flower Market (see those red parasols, they are flower vendors) and if you go straight ahead you arrive at the Ben Jelacic Square.

The Dolac Market. I made a full entry here during my earlier visit: Vibrant Dolac Market Scenes in Zagreb, Croatia.

People were sitting mostly inside. It is March, still winter, thus.

This was a very delicious bread! I had to control myself not to eat a lot.

Such a big lunch meal for a petite woman, haha. I made sure not to eat the potatoes otherwise I will not survive the walk back to the garage and drive to the airport.

 The coffee hopefully helps with the meal digestion.

On top of the restaurant is the Dolac Market. Yes, the restaurant is literally below the market. Well, actually sandwiched in-between because below the restaurant is the meat and fish section of the Dolac Market.

I can imagine that the restaurant's outdoor terrace would be a popular place during summer. My rating: 4.3 stars out of 5.

Travel Period: March 2014
Destination: Zagreb, Croatia

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