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Tkalčićeva Ulica: The Cafe Terrace Street of Zagreb, Croatia

A visit to Zagreb is not complete without strutting your limbs on the city’s famous street, Tkalčićeva Ulica or Tkalčićeva Street in Gornji Grad (Upper Town). It is very near to Ban Jelacic Square and this is the favourite hangout of the locals. Let’s call it the living room of the Zagrebians and the fashion runway of the city’s fashionistas.

Tkalčićeva Ulica or Tkalčićeva Street on a Saturday dry winter's day.

For my Croatia-Slovenia trip, I flew in to Zagreb, Croatia and will be flying out here as well. My route based on the places I have stayed is this: Zagreb (Croatia) – Rovinj (Croatia) – Ljubljana (Slovenia) – Zagreb (Croatia).

Now I have just finished this route (do check out my side bar for entries on Croatia and Slovenia) and back in Zagreb and will be flying out in the later part of the day. The drive from Ljubljana to Zagreb was a breeze. Border control went quick and there was not much traffic. It was a Saturday and the weather was dry and nice.

On the Croatian highway to Zagreb on a Saturday morning. I wanted to drop by in Samobor but did not have the time.

The route on Google Maps. Ljubljana, Slovenia to Zagreb, Croatia is less than 2 hours but make that 2 hours including immigration control and possible traffic. You can move the map by holding it with your mouse, as well as zoom it in and out by clicking on the + and - signs at the lower right hand.

All roads lead to the city centre.

The city has new and old trams.  These are the old ones.

My idea for my last day in Zagreb, Croatia and for the holiday was just to experience Tkalciceva on a nice weather day and have some lunch somewhere in the old centre. The last time I visited the street it was raining so I am curious what it is like on a busy and dry weekend. I managed to park at a garage in Kaptol area (Kaptol shopping centre) a few hundred metres further north from the famous street. Tkalčićeva is a pedestrianized lane and it is impossible to find parking nearby and the best bet is to go to this garage. Do take note though that this garage, and I gather for most of the indoor garages in the city, does not accept credit cards (this was winter 2014) so make sure you have some Croatian cash and coins with you.

Now the street did not disappoint! There is so much life; the locals seem to be having fun with their cup of coffees here. Café terraces everywhere! Hence the title of this post. The street exudes a very nice, welcoming and friendly ambiance. It is indeed the living room of Zagreb where everyone comes together to hang out. I would if I live here.

I also saw families with children on a day out, walking together on the street to the direction of the Dolac city market with their shopping trolley in tow. Women were sharply dressed as if knowing beforehand they will be followed by paparazzi that day. I noticed as well that Eastern European women, which is similarly to Asian women, are more brand conscious than their western counterparts. You will for sure see lots of haute couture signature being worn on this street.

Definitely a lively street not to miss when in Zagreb.

Young families with fashion conscious moms walk their children down Tkalčićeva Ulica runway.

It is a loooooooooong street full of cafe terraces. The perfect place to people watch.

Yup, this chic young family is going to the Dolac market (see: shopping trolley).

When you are here, try the popular local spirit: Rakija. Just a shot will do and they come in different flavours.

Travel Period: March 2014
Destination: Zagreb, Croatia

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