Friday, October 31, 2014

I am a Supermarket Tourist: A trip to the French supermarket

When travelling, do you love perusing the isles of the local supermarket? Because I do.

This is Auchan in Tourcoinq in the north of France just before reaching the Belgian border. I had to make the obligatory stop and visit a supermarket =)

We do not have supermarkets as big as this in the Netherlands.

I am not just into markets, but visiting local supermarkets is a little secret of mine when I am travelling as well. I do not know why but it just gives me the kick of seeing the different kinds of foods around me. Although I will not eat them, nor I will be buying them, just being surrounded with all sorts of delicious, stimulating and heavenly grub makes my day already. Oh, and those gourmet food stuff, they make me blush =)

Only the foodies will truly understand this magical supermarket feeling I am experiencing.

In French supermarkets, I go crazy with saucissons, although Italy in my opinion makes the best dried sausages in the whole wide world. The Spaniards also tops my list. Jamon Iberico of course! And make it bellota please. Italy and Spain though does not have supermarkets like these. They like to keep it traditional and small like in the Netherlands.

My loot. I try not to hoard these days because hoarding can only do harm to your wallet, normal eating habits and enjoyment of food. You have to eat them all in a shorter period of time due to expiration and when you eat a lot of the same thing, the magic disappears.

I also bought a box of Rose Champagne and I still have 1 bottle left in the fridge. Moderation is key, not only with food but also with alcohol.

French supermarkets (as well as Belgian supermarkets) are usually located outside the city and they contribute to the death of the local butcher and cheese shops.

I also rarely eat at fastfoods when travelling and only when it is really needed, like when I am pressed with time. This flunch fastfood restaurant at the supermarket mall did not disappoint.

Some green salad with ham, cheese and a pistolet paired with a glass of red wine. Just a simple French petite dinner before the drive back to the Netherlands.

Are you a supermarket tourist as well? =)

Travel Period: March 2014
Destination: Tourcoing (Nord Pas-Calaix), France

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