Wednesday, December 17, 2014

A Less Satisfying Steak Dinner at Mej. Janssen in Utrecht

Last night Dutchman and I went out for dinner in Utrecht Centrum and I just realised that I still have a dinner in Utrecht last year, also in December (a year ago indeed) that I haven’t posted yet. I am not really encouraged to post this because this dinner was 3 stars out of 5 in my book.

To give you an idea how I do my food trip rating, here it is below. Yes, according to moi =)

1 star would be horrible
2 stars would be not good at all
3 stars would be mediocre to good
4 stars would be very good to excellent
5 stars would be perfect which I almost never give anyway

Now I usually rate with a decimal/point added such as 4.2 stars or 3.9 stars.

Here at Mej. Janssen I found the food really mwah. The cooking is along the home-cooked cafeteria style. I mean I even thought I could do better at home? And I am not a super cook even. I am just a regular cook who does not mind cooking everyday. To let you in a secret, this is my gauge meter on what is better and not. If I can cook the food better at home, then its a rating of 3 stars and below.

On the other hand, the Dutchman thinks I am a good cook, which is why he prefers to eat at home, and also the reason why he has a little belly going these days haha, which as a matter of fact, I do not really mind at all. That is food love! But I know myself better than to compare my kitchen work to restaurant food, and to foodies who truly breathes cooking and baking. You know, I am a just mere foodie who loves to eat =)

The interior design and ambiance as well of this restaurant needed some dire encouragement. Perhaps a much due facelift would be in order?

The restaurant is located on the Oudegracht: Restaurant Mej Janssen.

Dutchman and I shared this beef carpaccio for our starter. This was so-so.

Dutchman had some steak that looked like it got burned. I think this is the Mej. Janssen steak and I am sure Dutchman ordered it well done, luckily he doesn't mind it being burned. Not raw meat fans, Dutchman and I prefer our meat well done.

I had the Entrecote and here it is covered in champignons and vegetables. I can cook this at home, exactly like this, so when I go out to eat, I expect a little bit more, some creativity, a bit of imagination, than what my cooking skills can offer.

We received a small bowl of chips and green salad on the side which was nice.

Dutchman had a Dame Blanche for dessert. He likes this though.

I had some coconut lemon tart with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream. The cake was a bit dry, luckily there's some whipped and ice cream on the side to aid the dryness.

And this is Utrecht during December. Beautiful!

Visit Period: December 2013
Destination: Utrecht Centrum (Utrecht), The Netherlands

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