Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Apples and a Dinner in Wolvega, Netherlands

A few times a year Dutchman and I go up to Friesland to visit friends. These are mostly birthday get-togethers which are typically Dutch by the way.

We were there again last weekend because this time our dear friend turned 50. I didn’t get to take pictures which is a pity because the food theme was ‘Oud Hollands’ (Old Holland). From the candies to the cheese to the wine and beer, its all Dutch. The mains were erwtensoep (pea soup), stamppot boerenkool (mash pot of potatoes and kale), hutspot (mash pot of potatoes and carrots) with rookworst (Dutch smoked sausage). I had a little portion of each. Lekker =)

But I do not have any pictures. Not a single one. Jammer.

However, we were there though back in August and I took a few pictures =)

And their apple tree in the terrace has turned into an ivy that has clawed in the structural fence and created a sort of shrub hedge. But lo and behold, the apple tree has lots of fruits! We harvested a few apples and brought them inside for the evening’s dessert.

We are baking an apple pie. Well, let me correct that, the lady host is baking an apple pie =)

I am not sure what type of apple this is? Perhaps Pink Lady?

Wetland grass. I was tempted to pick those brown stalks for home decor =) My parents used to have the fake ones long time ago at home.

The neighbourhood in Wolvega. 

It is dinner time!

Little Bee is hungry and wants her share. Our friends have 3 children and Bee is the second and only girl.

But before we sit at the table to feed ourselves, the lady host has to finish the apple pie so she can put it in the oven. These were the apples growing in their terrace and we are eating this for dessert.

Grilled potatoes and vegetables (carrots, mushrooms and paprikas) with rosemary. Smells so good.

Salmon for the fish lovers. That's me!

And schnitzel for the non-fish eaters. That's the Dutchman.

These two pictures I took on our way to Wolvega. The highway itself is a huge draw bridge which opens from time to time when there is a big boat passing by. In the summer this bridge can get busy, as well as the traffic on the highway.

The Ketelbrug (Ketel Bridge) on A6 highway.

Visit Period: August 2014
Destination: Wolvega (Friesland), The Netherlands

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