Friday, December 19, 2014

Corfu, Greece: Dinner on the Dock at Galini Taverna in Agios Stefanos Kassiopi

Perhaps one of the best dinners we’ve had during our Corfiot summer holiday, mainly because of the location and ambiance. Agios Stefanos Kassiopi is one lovely place to be.

Our table on the dock at Galini Taverna and the beautiful view of the bay lagoon.

This is Agios Stefanos.

We picked Galini Taverna on the waterfront. The waiter asked us where we would like to sit and I quickly pointed my finger to the little dock, which has a fantastic view of the lagoon stretching all the way to Albania. A few tables for two were waiting on the dock. Just perfect for a romantic evening’s dinner =)

I adored the view. The tranquil setting is very soothing to the senses. The atmosphere is stylish, friendly and relaxed. Most importantly, I loved dining on the dock with water around me and a fetching view. What can I say, I so enjoyed this dinner. I did not want it to end so quickly.

We shared a plate of fire roasted figs paired with prosciutto for our starter. The figs were succulent and the thin slices of Italian ham were the perfect match. Here is a tip: Honey, jam and blue cheese are also great pairings for figs. For our mains, Dutchman ordered pasta carbonara, while I settled for some king prawns. I was very pleased with my finger licking luscious prawns.

For more pictures of the place, go here: Agios Stefanos

We were quite early at the restaurant but after 15 minutes people came flowing in.

Some of the yacht people dine at the restaurants on the harbour. They come with with their own little boat but they can always call the restaurant and order for a water taxi. 

Moi, in a very relaxed and satisfied mood.

Fire roasted figs and proscuitto. We like dipping our bread on balsamic vinegar and olive oil with a dash of pepper and salt.

My share on my plate. I also like dried figs which are great with wine and cheese.

The restaurants on the waterfront are getting busier now.

Ours mains have arrived!

Dutchman's pasta carbonara. He said this was quite good.

King prawns with a side dish of salad and rice. The prawns were juicy and meaty and deserved a 4.4 stars out of 5 in my book.

Some of the guests were from nearby resorts and they come by boat. Here they just finished dinner and are going back to their hotel, villa or apartment.

No dessert for us but coffee. Espresso and capuccino. 

This is a favourite game we always play when we are on holiday, and I always beat the Dutchman, again and again. He is a bit pissed with it =)

And before we know, the sun has set down.

Travel Period: June-July 2014
Destination: Agios Stefanos Kassiopi, Kassopaia (Corfu - Ionian Islands), Greece

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