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One of My Favourites in Corfu, Greece: The Bay of Agios Stefanos Kassiopi (North East)

Dutchman and I discovered this little charming and very low-key cove bay during our scooter ride in north east Corfu.

During summer beach holidays, I am more of a bay and islet type of holidaymaker whilst the Dutchman prefer to sit on a long stretch of sandy beach. Suffice to say, we compromise a lot. We would spend days at long sandy beaches, which by the way Glyfada is his favourite if you are curious, and other days we spend them discovering places like Agios Stefanos. Because I like variety as well and I like celebrating new experiences.

This little piece of heaven was truly one of my favourites in Corfu. I really liked the muted vibe here and I kept telling the Dutchman why haven’t we discovered this lagoon much earlier. I just love its unobtrusive location, the super relaxed ambiance and the toned-down yet tasteful appeal. It’s not a flashy place but elegant enough. I like it that way.

After a little bit of surveying the area and the boulevard, Dutchman and I proceeded to the beach area for some relaxation time. It’s actually getting late, it’s past 16:00 on the watch and many people have gone back to their hotel rooms and apartments to shower, change and prepare for dinner. Now this hour (16:00 onwards) is the golden hour(s) of the day for us. The sun is low and not so strong, there are less people on the beach and most of the sunbeds are already free of charge, haha.

We just really enjoy the beach when its late in the afternoon, and in Europe, the sun goes down quite late during summer, so we have more daylight mileage that wins us a few more hours.

There are two Agios Stefanos in Corfu by the way, and this is the one located in the northeastern part of the island, in the municipality of Kassiopi. The other same named resort is on the western side, which we have visited as well but found it to be a bit lacklustre.

This is the route we took from Dassia, our basecamp to Agios Stefanos Kassiopi:

Just half an hour by car but a little bit more with a scooter. You can move the map by holding it with your mouse, as well as zoom it in and out by clicking the + and - signs on the lower right hand.

Here are my pictures!

There are not many cafes and restaurants here, just a handful, enough to cater to the small bay village during summer.

Cafes and restaurants are mostly on the harbour and boulevard.

A little snack. These are the best snack for a hot afternoon on the beach.

A few yachts were moored halfway in the lagoon, which added a bit of oomph and charm to the place.

I was about to take a dip when I noticed the little grey buttons on the rocks. Why, there's a lot of them.

Upon closer look, I found out that they are tiny sea snails.

So I went back to my sunbed and decided to eat my snickers instead. Then Dutchman challenged me not to be a wussy. Told me to use his sandals if I was worried about the sea snails biting my feet.

Yep, the waters are very clear. I love it here.

Then I saw something else on the bottom, a sea urchin. These creatures can prick.

And it's not only one, there's so many of them! You can pretty much say I went back again to my sunbed. No swimming for me today here at Agios Stefanos.

The sun is starting to go down slowly and we could hear the increasing activity along the boulevard, so we got dressed. We are dining at one of the restaurants on the harbour.

It's almost 20:00 here and the holidaymakers have slowly come out for dinner.

You just cannot help but fall in love with this view.

Travel Period: June-July 2014
Destination: Agios Stefanos (Corfu – Ionian Islands), Greece

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