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Corfu Plane Watching from the Chalikiopoulou Lagoon

Perhaps one of the best places to watch planes land and take off.

Corfu International Airport or Ioannis Kapodistrias (Capodistrias) International Airport facing the Chalikiopoulou Lagoon.

We made sure to go down to the Chalikiopoulou Lagoon to plane watch. I know, the name is a bit difficult to pronounce that many people just call it the Airport Lagoon. Even the locals call it Airport Lagoon, because the lagoon is right on facing the airport strip.

The Dutchman used to be an avid aircraft spotter when he was younger. He fancied spotting military aircrafts and not really the regular planes flying the skies. Things have changed now with the Netherlands spending less on air defense and with the rise of air travel, you are left with commercial, cargo and private jets to spot.

Now the lagoon is not just any ordinary body of water. It is a pretty one with an islet and a monastery. The Pontikonisi Island (Mouse Island) and the Vlacheraina Monastery serves as the main attractions on the lake but many come here as well to watch the planes land and take off.

The nice thing they did here was to build a narrow cemented foot bridge connecting both sides of the lake. Although the foot bridge is clearly for pedestrians only, the local guy we spoke to at the restaurant we had dinner in the area, told us that its okay to ride on the footpath with the scooter. That is how everyone does it he said. Cool.

When in Corfu, do as the Corfiots do.

The British EasyJet just landed.

Here are a few footages we managed to take from the foot bridge on the Chalikiopoulou Lagoon. When the planes swooshes above you it gives you this exhilarating feeling.

A plane here approaching the landing strip of Corfu International Airport. This is a nice landing I guess and I love how the plane flew above us.

Plane taking off to somewhere.

Hello world! Dutchman and I waited in the middle of the foot bridge, under the heat of the day, the sun scorching (see my bronze back) for planes landing. 

The Vlacheraina Monastery on the Kanoni Hill side of the peninsula lagoon.

Landing light for the planes on the foot bridge.

This plane is about to take off.

Greek Aegean Airlines. Most of the airlines that fly to this island are seasonal (late spring - summer - autumn). You can find the list of airlines here: Corfu International Airport.

And a little charter or private jet plane.

Travel Period: June-July 2014
Destination: Kerkyra (Corfu - Ionian Islands), Greece

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