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Haarlem, Netherlands: The Botermarkt Square, Organic Farmer’s Market and a 166-year old Apothecary

The Botermarkt is one of the cool places in Haarlem. When you translate Botermarkt to English, it is: ‘Butter Market’. Perhaps they sold tons of butter here before =)

There are loads of outdoor cafe terraces on the Botermarkt Square.

I found this square really nice and cosy. The row of traditional Dutch cafes and their respective outdoor terraces facing the small square will make you feel at home. Well I couldn’t resist all the gezelligheid (cosiness in Dutch) so I stopped here and took a table. The sun was shining so a glass of bitter lemon and some people watching would not really hurt. The sun is a precious phenomenon in Northern Europe, so when she decides to extend her rays and the skies stay blue, we citizens in the cold grey north make the most of it.

It was indeed a lovely chance to sit outside in this lovely and bustling with energy part of Haarlem, and enjoy the weather and the charming atmosphere of Botermarkt.

On Fridays, which was when I was there, there is an Organic Farmer’s Market. On other days, there are different types of market held here (e.g., clothing, book, produce).

Also, right on the corner of the market is the oldest drug store in Haarlem called A. J. van der Pigge Drogisterij. It is worth a visit people. The old apothecary will bring you back in time. It’s been in business since 1849 and much of the shop has remained the same. They sell herbs, spices and medicines in vintage bottles.

So when in Haarlem, do not fail to check out Botermarkt.

Every Friday there is an Organic Farmer's Market on the square.

Dutch cheeses and some colourful mushrooms. White mushrooms are fine but yellow and orange?

A good variety of vegetable juices.

Cafe terraces and the Organic Farmer's Market on the same square.

There was a (French) bread truck as well.

In every market in the Netherlands there is always the fish vendor selling my favourites, haring (love the raw herring) and kibbeling (deep fried cod fish).

The 166 year old drug store: A.J. van der Pigge located on the corner of the Botermarkt. Can you spot the scary-looking snake?

Making fastfood classy. This happens a lot in Europe when fastfood chains lease beautiful historical buildings. The McKroket is one of those local treats adapted into the McDonalds menu. Located across the street from the Botermarkt.

Visit Period: March 2014
Destination: Haarlem (North Holland), The Netherlands

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