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Kalami Beach in Corfu, Greece

Kalami Beach is located in the north eastern part of Corfu Island. It’s on the other side of Kouloura, the little scenic harbour with a small bay beach and a taverna. We visited this briefly before proceeding to Kalami.

Kalami Beach.

Our own private side of the beach, away from the beach crowds.

Dutchman and I spent an afternoon here. When we holiday in the Greek Islands for the summer, we always rent a scooter and we spend our days hopping from one beach to another. There will always be certain beaches that we end up liking and visiting more than once. So we combine relaxation with a little bit of sightseeing and discovery with the rental scooter. Sightseeing new towns, discovering new beaches and relaxing as we stop by for the day.

We were quite glad to have visited here in Kalami. It’s a good sized beach, not too big and not too small. It is actually a bay beach and during the day some holidaymakers that came or rented yachts dock their boats halfway from the bay’s mouth and beachfront.

And like most eastern side of the island beaches, Kalami is a shingle beach. Big size stones and pebbles are not your feet’s best friend. So it’s best to bring proper beach footwear that can be used for swimming as well. I didn’t have any with me so I borrowed Dutchman’s sandals with straps which were twice larger than my little feet. I try to remind myself every year before summer kicks off to buy a pair of beach footwear, but helaas, I always forget.

We also decided to sit under the shade of a large tree near the rocks. This nook looks more attractive than anywhere else on the beach and it is far from the crowd as well. We have more privacy and exclusivity in this part of the bay yet we can also see the rest of the happenings on the beach. Just perfect.

Our route from our apartment in Kato Korakiana (near Dassia Beach) to Kalami Beach:

You can move the map by holding it with your mouse, as well as zoom it in and out by clicking on the + and - signs on the lower right hand side of the map.

The view of Kalami Beach from the road.

The British writer brothers born in British India lived in this White House. Novelist Lawrence Durell and Naturalist (he founded the zoo in Jersey Island), Gerald Durell. Lawrence lived here in Kalami in the mid 1930's bohemian-style and his brother often visited him.

I wonder what Corfu looked like (and the Greek Isles in general) way back then. This white beach cottage must be one of the very few houses on Kalami Beach. Were the roads to the north of the island already asphalted? It must have been very quiet living here back then, and winters must have been cold, windy and dark.

The main Kalami Beach.

We found this spot away from the crowds. The mat on the picture is not ours. It is from a woman who was just leaving. Perfect timing for us to take over the place.

As a kid, and this was when we would go to the beach during weekends, I would spend the whole day playing in the water under the sun. I would have sunburns on my face, neck, shoulders and arms. Moreover, it would be impossible to see me when it gets dark, haha.

That is a boat rental far ahead.

Wearing Dutchman's strap sandals. Need to buy my own proper beach footwear for pebble beaches such as this.

Snorkelling and yachting in Kalami.

Your normal every day beach happening.

You really need proper beach footwear to swim here because even if you go in the water, the bottom is made of pebbles and unless you go far into the sea it turns to sand.

Travel Period: June-July 2014
Destination: Kalami, Kassopaia (Corfu – Ionian Islands), Greece

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