Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Lake Como: Approaching Varenna

This is a nice catch, with the sun's ray hovering above Varenna.

This is is just a teaser post about Varenna. I took these pictures of the town from the boat as we approach the ferry terminal.

The views around Varenna were amazing. Most especially because the dark grey clouds were moving and behind it I saw the sun shining through. I was not able to capture the moment but managed to snatch a bit of light in the process. I mean, what can you do more with a pocket camera?

Interestingly, although Varenna is on Lake Como, the town is not part of Como but of Lecco.

More soon of Varenna...

Varenna is located on the eastern side of Lake Como.

The town looks pretty and very inviting.

Those charming colourful houses sitting on top of the cliff looked like vacation houses.

Looking very cosy nestled just below the foothills of Lecco on Lake Como.

We are almost there =).

Travel Period: April 2014
Destination: Varenna (Lecco - Lombardy), Italy

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