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Pet Shop Boys Electric Tour (Utrecht, The Netherlands 2014)

In August of last year, Dutchman and I watched the Pet Shop Boys Electric Concert Tour in Utrecht.

The Pet Shop Boys Electric Concert at the Tivoli in Utrecht.

As it was a weekday concert which means we will be both coming from work, we have decided to take a quick dinner at the Wok to Go near Mariaplaats. If I need to eat Asian fast food then I go to this place. They have really great wok dishes (they do not scrimp on the vegetables and shrimp for example) and the fried chicken wings are far better than KFC.

So just something quick for the Dutchman and I as we have a cool concert to attend =)

We actually had a little funny situation a week before. We arrived at the Tivoli Vredenburg Concert Hall and thought it was unusually very quiet for a concert evening. Dutchman checked the ticket again and we found out that we were a week too early. Goodness heavens, lol. I guess we were just too excited.

Anyway, the concert was really nice. We loved the energy and the music. It brought us back to the 80’s! The Pet Shop Boys played their big 80’s hits of course, as well as songs from their new album Electric which were quite nice.

And of course, because this is The Pet Shop Boys, the show is not complete without their outrageous outfits and headdresses slash facemasks. Step aside Lady Gaga and give way to the Pet Shop Boys!

We can only conclude that it was a lovely evening.

Quick dinner before the concert starts. Our wok dishes at Wok to Go in Utrecht. I always take the rice with vegetable and shrimps while the Dutchman takes the noodles with beef.

The opening of the concert is shown with a tunnel on the screen.

Cool electric graphics.

I am not sure if Lady Gaga can beat this jacket? I can only surmise that the designer was inspired with the new carwash branch in town.

The werewolves have come out. The band used to have 4 dancers. Now they only have 2 from the 4. They have let go of the twin blondes. Must be cost cutting.

Here is the song -- West End Girls:

West End Girls was a big hit in the 1980's. I love this song.

The background graphics were quite impressive.

So what do you say about this headdress slash facemask? I told you Lady Gaga, please step aside.

You've got some orange thing going on here. Pumpkin headdresses slash facemasks for the dancers.

What can I say. I just love this picture in particular. Hmm, not bad at all for a pocket camera, don't you think?

Here is the song -- Go West:

Remembering the 1980's =)

They closed with their new song -- Electric, which I found to be really cool.

I really like this new song. It reminds me a bit of trance.

This is the finale already. 

Visit Period: August 2014
Destination: Utrecht Centrum (Utrecht), The Netherlands

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