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Milan, Italy: The Cotoletta alla Milanese

In my Milan trip last year I learned that the cuisine of northern Italy is more Central European being influenced by the German-speaking countries and Eastern Europe. For example, risotto is a specialty. Rice type of dishes are popular in Eastern Europe, and in this part of Italy, the Italians eat more rice than pasta.

We had risotto at Savini Restaurant located inside the magnificent  Galleria Vittorio Emanuele which was a very nice experience altogether.

The Cotoletta alla Milanese with typical side dish of deep fried diced potatoes and some lemon zest to fire up the flavour of the veal.

Too English for a name of an Italian Restaurant.

Secondly, locals tend to eat more meat here than fish or any tomato-based type of dish that is most common in many parts of Italy. Meat stews in fact are popular (Cassoeula and Busecca) and the name sake dish, the Cotoletta alla Milanese, which is a breaded meat cutlet, usually made of veal but pork and turkey are also used, is a local favourite.

The breaded veal cutlets are similar to the Viennese Wienerschnitzel, Polish Kotlet Schabowy and the Japanese Katsu. Breaded cutlets are popular in Germany, Austria and Poland.

Having known about this local specialty, Blondine and I vowed to eat this for lunch before we leave the city and fly back to Amsterdam. As we window shopped, we searched as well for the fitting restaurant and luckily we need not look that far. Between the shopping streets and buildings we found Ristorante Charleston, a very English name for an Italian restaurant specialising in pizza and local dishes.

I have to say that we enjoyed the Cotoletta alla Milanese here. We really did not have any other to measure up as we only had this cotoletta experience, but this was quite good and should be around 4.1 stars out of 5 in my book.

The only downside here were the not so friendly harried waiters, except though for the pizza man who seems to be enjoying his job immensely and wanted even to have some piece of camera action as well.

I am having Aperol Spritz while Blondine settled for a Coca-Cola Light in can which has a design that is just so Milan.

A nice lunch in Milan. Our Cotoletta alla Milanese.

I saw these ready-to-be-served zingy desserts. Peeled off oranges and grapefruits topped with orange peels on a bed of syrup. 

Slow-roasted whole pears in syrup. In the Netherlands pears are a dessert favourite, especially during the holidays and instead of roasting these babies, the Dutch cook them. Pears, like apples become too sweet to handle when cooked. Honestly, I am not very fond of them.

The smiling pizza man. They cook pizzas in a stone oven.

Travel Period: April 2014
Destination: Milan (Lombardy), Italy

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