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The Opera House in Milan (Teatro alla Scalla) and the Museum

Blondine and I would have wanted to go to an opera or ballet performance in Milan at the stunning Teatro alla Scalla, however there were no shows during the evenings when we were there. Perhaps it had something to do that it was Easter. The focus of the city are the religious activities and the mass service at the Duomo. Anyway, maybe next time.

The receiving hall of the museum and the opera.

But that didn’t held us back from visiting the Opera House. Teatro alla Scalla (Opera House in Italian) is also open to visitors who just want to take a peek of the spectacular and grand Opera House’s theatre interior. This is actually the visit to the Opera House Museum.

And when I say ‘take a peek’, you really just take a peek of the theatre. The whole experience just takes a few minutes. What they did was to keep 2 balconies open for visitors of the museum. Visitors can then check out the balconies to take a sneak peek of the opera and ballet theatre. Because many visitors come and the balconies are small, the queue can sometimes be long, so the museum assigns a guard to usher people and keep the traffic flowing fine and dandy. This means only about 10 people can stand in the 2 balconies every few minutes. Talk about ‘touristy’.

If you want to learn about its history, go here: The history of Teatro alla Scalla

Trivia: Did you know that Teatro alla Scalla also has an ‘Academy’?

La Scala’s Academy is the training ground for stage professionals involved in their live performances. The Academy has four departments: Music, Dance, Backstage/Workshops and Management.

The museum entrance is via these stairs with vintage posters of the opera and ballet shows. Of course, if you come here for a show, the entrance would be at the majestic opera lobby.

Posters of the performances of 'Aida' in February 1925 by conductor, Ettore Panizza and 'Otello' in November 1928 by conductor, Arturo Toscanini at the Teatro alla Scalla.

The elegant hallway to the museum and theatre.

Chandeliers are a Milan thing I noticed. Even the caffes are dressed in elegant chandeliers. This lobby also showcases the NeoClassical Period and gilded architecture.

Finally, I am here at the balcony taking a peek into the stunning and elegant theatre. I cannot help but take a picture.

There was a live recital going on, an orchestra practicing their piece for a performance, and whilst the other visitors were taking pictures, we were earlier told by the guard, who came back to check on us, that picture taking is not allowed. That is why this picture is blurry as I was in a hurry. It is a bit silly methinks. We are in the information and sharing age, the theatre is not like a painting that gets adverse reaction with flash.

The Museum of the Opera House.

Bold colours they have for their walls. Blue and yellow orange, with prints.

Fashion during theatre performances. Well, in those days.

Travel Period: April 2014
Destination: Milan (Lombardy), Italy

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