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Dinner at Tavernaki in Kassiopi (Corfu, Greece): Grilled Sea Bass, Souvlaki Skewer and Gemista Stuffed Peppers with Cheese

Another one of our lovely dinners last year in Corfu. This time at Tavernaki in Kassiopi.

A very nice dinner spread at Tavernaki.

Tavernaki - Greek traditional taverna in Kassiopi.

First things first, where is Kassiopi? The town is located north of Corfu in the eastern part of the island. It’s a quaint little seaside town with a scenic harbour dotted with yachts on the water and cafes and restaurants with outdoor terraces on the boulevard.

Here is our route from our apartment in Kato Korakiania near Dassia Beach Resort to Kassiopi:

You can move the map by holding it with your mouse, as well as zoom it in and out by using the + and - signs on the lower right hand side.

I really like this restaurant—Tavernaki, as it has an open dining terrace located on the harbour with a lovely view of the town, the harbour boulevard and the sea. The food was great as well. My grilled Sea Bass was nicely done; so fresh and juicy. Dutchman liked his Souvlaki meat and vegetable skewer as well. The Gemista stuffed peppers with feta cheese for our starter were just perfect, so delicious. The dishes were done in traditional and home-made style which is very appealing for a restaurant in the Greek Isles.

As practised holidaymakers in Greece, Dutchman and I prefer to eat at restaurants that does not sound like one of those commercial restaurants we all know too well. The traditional and home-made style food, plus the setting and ambiance, they really play a role for us in choosing places to eat that concurs with our ‘holiday mood’.

We want to eat well and enjoy our food in a relaxed manner and in an environment that speaks volume of the place we are holidaying.

 My tangy Ginger Beer (Tsitsibira), a trademark drink in Corfu.

The view from our table to the harbour, the yachts and Kassiopi town.

To get our palates going, we were first given some Corfiot-style bruschetta sprinkled with feta cheese on top of the toast. 

Our shared starter arrived: Gemista. They are stuffed grilled chili peppers and this one is stuffed with feta cheese. I actually liked that they kept the seeds in tact. We ate them all.


The restaurant is now starting to get busy, as well as the harbour boulevard. There are many holidaymakers from England here.

The Dutchman's Souvlaki - grilled meat and vegetable skewer.

My yummy grilled sea bass with potatoes and vegetable greens. I gave the potatoes to the potato-eating Dutchman. Men need their carbo more than women.

Some Turkish Delight sweets. I am not really very fond of them though.

Travel Period: June-July 2014
Destination: Kassiopi, Kassopaia (Corfu – Ionian Islands), Greece

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