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‘Spoon Sweets’ (Greek Glazed Candied Fruits) and My Realisation that Food doesn’t have to be Devoured to be Enjoyed

Whilst visiting Paxos Island (south of Corfu Island) in Greece last year I came upon this pastry shop selling glazed candied fruits in Gaios.

These must be little oranges with almonds.

I was so taken by the colourful display that I lingered a bit longer inside the shop. Admittedly my food obsession has skyrocketed in the recent years, but in good proportions though, as well as direction. I have been employing the ‘not overeating’ rule of thumb in every meal and I also realised that my love for food does not mean I have to taste it or eat it. The realisation came to me one day that there are other ways of enjoying food.

I found that I can consume and enjoy food without consuming it literally, but by way of DELIGHTING IN ITS PRESENCE.

Strange? Hmm, or you might think I am crazy. Haha =)

But yes, I devour food sometimes by appreciating its lip-smacking appearance, by marvelling at its appetising presentation, by mooning over its scrumptiousness. Well I guess I can go on describing the many ways of comforting myself with food but you might think it is impossible to actually enjoy it without the tasting and chewing exercise. Luckily, not for me though. If you are dieting, join me in my crazy world of relishing food, simply by delighting in its presence.

Anyway, these sweet preserves are quite popular in Greece, Cyprus, some parts of the Middle East, Russia and the Balkans. Speaking of the Balkans, I cannot wait to go back there this spring. And of course the Greek Isles again this summer. Greece has become a tradition for the Dutchman and moi.

They are called ‘Spoon Sweets’ because they are usually served in spoons to guests. Greek families tend to home preserve them. These sweets are also used as a topping for ice cream, yoghurt or even as a spread on bread or toast. They are also good to pair with cheese. It’s like marmalade really with the whole fruit.

This bakery and pastry shop is located on the harbour of Gaios in Paxos Island. 

Preserved spoon sweet: Kumquats.

Orange peels dipped in chocolate. I actually made something like this in Brussels, when I joined a chocolate making activity in one of the chocolate shops there.

Candied cherry tomatoes as well!

And more spoon sweets: Miniature tangerines glazed with syrup and chocolate.

Travel Period: June-July 2014
Destination: Paxos Island (Paxoi - Ionian Islands), Greece

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