Monday, March 30, 2015

Typically Japanese: Soraben Packed Bento Lunches/Dinners

One of the things typically Japanese that fascinated me to no end is ‘Soraben’ (or ‘Sora-ben’). It is a type of bento box for take-away at the airports. It is basically a packed lunch or dinner for passengers to eat during their journey.

So the pack food is very nicely presented in a bento take-away box and in it are a variety of small portions of food. I was very tempted to buy a few boxes to try out. They looked so attractive, tasty and intriguing. I mean where else in the world can you buy packed lunch or dinner in style and this pretty?

These soraben boxes though I saw at the Haneda Domestic Airport. You cannot miss them with their excellent packaging. I thought at first they were souvenir gifts, but worse than that I thought they were culinary books, lol. It’s pretty lame but these are the things that I like about discovering another culture, you see new and different stuffs.

In this Japan trip I did a number of airport changes (7 changes in total!) and I noticed that the soraben boxes were mostly sold at the domestic airports. They seem to be explicitly made for local travellers taking short-haul flights and are quite popular under the business travellers.

When I go back to Japan, hopefully soon, I think I am going to feast on the many types of bentos.

The bentos sold at railway stations though are called ‘Ekiben’ (or ‘Eki-ben’).

Travel Period: November 2014
Destination: Tokyo, Japan

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