Monday, April 27, 2015

King’s Night (2015) in Utrecht, Netherlands

It is King’s Day in the Netherlands which means everyone is out there partying and selling their junk on the streets. It’s a yearly event in the country and because I have been living in the Netherlands for more than a decade now, the thrill of celebrating this royalty event has totally faded away.

Partying and drinking doesn’t sound too attractive when you are already in your mid-forty’s. It gets old. Selling all the stuff we want to get rid of is a good idea, but I am too lazy to even lift a finger, let alone rummage through my stuff and haul them into the city and sit on the streets.

So today I just stayed at home whilst the whole country is out gone gaga on the streets. Yesterday evening though, which was King’s Night, Dutchman and I went out for a walk in the city centre. It was the Dutchman’s idea, not mine really. I didn’t mind it because I like to walk. A little bit of activity is always a good thing for your body.

Thus I’m here to report that the centre of Utrecht last night was a chaos of music, beer and children running amok not even half our age. After an hour and a half of walking around I begged off. I could not wait to go home and retire in bed. I am an old woman.

There were podiums with bands playing at every corner in Utrecht.

We have lost count of the number of outdoor music venues in Utrecht during King's Night. Literally every few hundred metres there is a podium with a band or DJ playing.

 It was past midnight when we passed by the Dom Square.

A very full bar on the Oudegracht.

The garbage people have a lot of work tomorrow.

April 2015
Utrecht, The Netherlands

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