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Nihonbashi District Street Pictures (Tokyo, Japan)

The Tokyo metropolis is comprised of 23 special wards or (sub) cities. Each of these cities are subdivided into districts. The districts are then further grouped into neighborhoods.

When we were in Tokyo last November 2014, we stayed in the Kodenmacho neighbourhood which is part of the Nihonbashi district in Chuo City.

A neighbourhood temple.

Below you will see the Chuo City map which Nihonbashi is a part of. The most popular district of Chuo is Ginza and the Tskuji Market (which I was not able to visit, unfortunately) is also located here.

You can move the map by holding it with your mouse, as well as zoom it in and out by clicking on the + and - signs on the lower right hand side.

The streets here in Chuo are very clean and very quiet. Even when there are cars passing through, the streets are still quiet.

Many apartments and houses in Tokyo are very small. Land and housing makes Tokyo one of the most expensive cities in the world.

Many bikes are just left open in the garage and they are not even locked. In the Netherlands, you have double locked your bike and a junk can still find a way to unlock and steal it.

This woman is signalling traffic for the ongoing road works. The Japanese take their jobs seriously, posture and all. You will not see a worker slacking in his/her job or even slouching their shoulders at work. They are somehow always alert.

Random on the streets.

The waving 'good luck' kitty is everywhere. Did you know that the kitty is literally waving, rather inviting for good luck (usually in the form of money) to come in, and in this case, to this establishment.

We cannot seem to live without our smartphones anymore. Mind your step ladies.

The only thing we did not like with Tokyo is that there are very little designated bike lanes. The bikers compete with pedestrians on the same paths. Not really safe at all although bikers I noticed are very careful. 

On the streets of Chuo we saw many working men in black suits. In fact most of the people on the streets are working men in black suits. We wondered what happened to the rest of mankind, the women, children and old people.

Travel Period: November 2014
Destination: Chuo (Tokyo), Japan

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