Friday, May 29, 2015

Park Transwijk in Utrecht, Netherlands

The Netherlands is one of the very green countries that I know of in the world, with well manicured streets and lawns, and very well maintained infrastructure. The major cities such as Amsterdam, The Hague, Rotterdam and Utrecht have a lush atmosphere brimming with verdant trees on the sidewalks and many grassy parks. So despite the horrible weather we have here (like today), there are as well pay offs in living in the Netherlands.

We visit Park Transwijk every now and then. I actually used to run here on my own. Unfortunately, I never got to take pictures every time I am in this park. So one weekend in April, we decided to go for a little walk and I brought the camera with me.

The park is located a little bit south from Utrecht Centre. It a low key park. There is an animal farm, a children's playground, a lake and a Japanese restaurant in the park. Dutchman and I have agreed that we will have dinner at this restaurant one evening. It has been a few years though since we have made the promise. I guess dinner has to happen this year?

The most important event that this park holds is the yearly Liberation Day (Bevrijdingdsag) on the 5th of May. Local organisers stage a big musical concert here where famous singers, DJ's and celebrities are flown in the park in a helicopter. The event is attended by thousands of people, mostly teenagers.

Goats and sheep at the animal farm (across the Japanese restaurant).

This is the area where the stage is set up for the annual Liberation Day musical concert.

The white ducks. There are swans here as well.

This statue reminds me of the park in Oslo, Norway called, Vigeland Park.

Visit Period: April 2015
Destination: Transwijk (Utrecht South - Utrecht), The Netherlads

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