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The Greek Isles: Sailing on Gaios Strait and Arriving in Gaios Harbour, Paxos Island

Dutchman and I took a boat trip to Parga in mainland Greece and Paxos Island, located south of Corfu Island.

Arriving in Paxi—which is how the locals call it, was quite dramatic. In order to get to the island’s natural port, all boats must pass through the strait of Gaios which resembles like a small fjord skirted by 2 islets, Panayia (Virgin Mary Island) and St. Nicholas.

This is one of the things I love about the Greek Islands; you can easily take a boat excursion, either privately with your own yacht or a rental, book a boat tour with a travel agency or you can opt the local way by taking the public ferry. Whichever you choose, everything is relatively easy to work out and the sailing schedules are frequent as well during the summer season.

As we sluggishly entered and sailed on Gaios straight, the harbour and town of Gaios gradually loomed into view. Beautiful. You know, it is such a great feeling to arrive by boat on a pretty little traditional island such as Paxos. It’s like—being away from the cares of the modern world and coming into an oasis of relaxation, contentment and peace. Discovery as well, as I could not wait to explore the town’s small streets, check out the traditional shops and eat at one of the island’s waiting tavernas.

So when we docked, the first thing Dutchman and I did was to walk back up the harbour. Whilst entering the strait of Gaois, my eyes quickly saw this lovely taverna tucked on the corner of the port. I knew right away that this taverna is the perfect place for our late lunch. Moreover, we were starving! So with that, there is no time to waste.

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The strait serves as a natural port of Gaios, Paxos.

Here is Gaios, Paxos on the map of Greece:

Paxos is one of the islands in the Ionian Group of Islands. To zoom in and out the map, click on the + and - signs on the lower right hand.

The fishing town of Gaios, Paxos. Even through tourism and the hotel-restaurant industry has picked in in the island, fishing is still a means of livelihood here for some of the locals.

Just what the doctor ordered for this holiday: Sit back, have a drink in your hand, watch the view and relax on a cafe terrace.

A number of boats dock here throughout the day during late spring - summer - early autumn.

Cannot wait to get off this boat!

As you can see there are so many tavernas and cafe terraces on the harbour.

This is St. Nicholas Island in front of Gaios harbour.

Travel Period: June 2014
Destination: Gaios, Paxos Island (Ionian Islands), Greece

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