Monday, June 29, 2015

Postcards from Chic Fiskardo (Kefalonia, Greece)

Dutchman and I have fallen in love (many times with the Greek Islands!) with the fishing village turned chic harbour lined with lovely cafe terraces in the northern most part of Kefalonia -- Fiskardo. This idyllic village has been dubbed as the St. Tropez of Kefalonia Island.

Naturally, I took a bazillion of pictures but will post the rest another time on this blog.

We so love it here! Hope you enjoy the pictures.

Travel Period: June 2015
Destination: Fiskardo, Erisos (Kefalonia - Ionian Islands), Greece

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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Free Roaming (Semi) Wild Goats in Kefalonia, Greece

This is one of the reasons why we love the Greek Islands. Not only are the landscape smashing, the beaches beautiful, the local culture alive, the houses and buildings remain traditional, but the animals roam around freely in the islands as well!

You are very close to nature in the Greek Islands.

In Kefalonia there is quite a number of (semi) wild goats roaming around freely. They look wild to me, and are treated wild as well since they roam around freely in the island. Although the ones we saw have been ear tagged so I guess they are not really wild at all, hence semi wild. I am making it so complicated, haha. Because they are technically speaking set free, most of the goats react with wild animal instinct. They scurry away when they see any moving object, including humans, nearing them.

I guess this is one thing motorists need to be careful about when driving here. This herd of goats in the pictures we encountered in the northen part of Kefalonia, in the Erisos area.

Other roaming furry animals, especially in the evening, that one has to be careful about are the squirrels and our domesticated friends, cats and even dogs. Outside the towns and villages the roads are not lighted, and these animals can jump right in front of you anytime. We have encountered a squirrel that panicked in front of us and we passed by 2 dead cats lying in the middle of the road, both victims of hit and run. Aw, poor cats =(

A stoplight in the middle of nowhere =) and there was no traffic even!

These goats like sitting or standing on top of rocks =)

You can't be driving fast with these lovely creatures roaming around the island and on the roads.

The beautiful lush mountain scenery of Kefalonia in the north. Lots of rolling hills, pine trees and olive mangroves here.

And the coast as well are quite dramatic and rugged.

And so we spotted more goats on the roads! Mmmm, feta cheese =)

Travel Period: June 2015
Destination: Erisos (Kefalonia - Ionian Islands), Greece

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Friday, June 26, 2015

In Argostoli (Kefalonia): Vallianou Square, a nice place for a Frappe and a Bruschetta Snack

The main square of Argostoli, the capital of Kefalonia Island is Vallianou Square (Pl. Vallianou), which is also known as the Argostoli Square. It is located near the customs harbour.

At first sight, and in all honesty, I found the city of Argostoli not that very pretty. We have been to many Greek Island capitals, the last one was Corfu, it's capital city Kerkyra was drop-dead gorgeous and very lively. On the contrary, Argostoli resembles like a sleepy town during the day with very little hustle and bustle going. Tonight we are going to the city centre to experience what the place is like in the evening so I have my hopes pinned high!

The best place to hang around, rather, to sit down during the day would be at Vallianou Square which is ringed with outdoor cafe terraces. When it is siesta time (14:00 to 18:00) and the shops are close, the cafe terraces are there to offer refuge from the heat and the inactivity of the city. This is really the best place to hang a bit, chill with the famous Greek frappe and have some afternoon snack.

Vallianou Square is located near the customs harbour.

We initially sat at a different cafe terrace, which has nicer and comfortable chairs, however the service took a long time. We sat there for 10 minutes and nobody came to take our order. So we left and moved over to this cafe restaurant just across the square -- Premier Restaurant.

Dutchman and I always share our lunches and snacks. We are quite mindful of what we eat, and surely during holidays we are careful that we do not get carried away with food. We then always employ the sharing stratagem, all the time. This is our secret to controlling our waistlines and not letting them get out of proportion, although we have to admit that they were not what they were used to be! Helaas.

We ordered each a Greek frappe drink and a plate of bruschetta toast with mozarella cheese and fresh tomatoes.

Bruschetta Mozarella and Tomatoes : Crispy crostini (freshly baked homemade bread) with marinated tomato, fresh mozzarella and basil pesto.

When you rent a scooter or car, you get this free map.

The square was not busy at all when we were there, but this is in June. Perhaps in the peak summer periods, such as in July and August, the square could be busier.

This was the cafe restaurant we initially had an eye on. You can spend hours reading a book in those chairs. Of course, with a chilled frappe on your hand.

Travel Period: June 2015
Destination: Argostoli Centre, Argostoli (Kefalonia - Ionian Islands), Greece

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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Awesome Views to Antisamos Beach in Kefalonia, Greece

We are not yet halfway through our holiday here in Kefalonia Island, Greece so there are still many beaches lined up on our list to visit, but so far this is my (our actually) favourite beach, the Antisamos Beach in Sami. Well, for now it is, so we shall see!

It is an enclosed bay beach surrounded with foliage. The scenery here is just stunning and it gets even better when you are actually standing on the beach and looking out to the sea and the hills enclosing it. Beautiful. Dutchman and I fell in love with Antisamos.

I took lots of pictures of Antisamos Beach and will post them all another time.

TRIVIA: Did you know that the film set of Captain Corelli's Mandolin was based (they camped here) at this beach?

The novel was staged in Kefalonia and was also filmed on site (circa 2000), starring Nicholas Cage and Penelope Cruz. I did not watch the film and have no plans watching it as well, this was after knowing the highlights of the story. Harsh as it may seem, but I really have no tolerance for stupid love so to speak. When it comes to serious things such as matters of the heart -- Never assume anything.

Antisamos is located in Sami near the town centre:

Antisamos is about 30 kilometres from the capital city, Argostoli.

This is the lookout just before reaching Antisamos Beach.

Antisamos Beach is an enclosed bay beach very near the port of Sami.

Antisamos beach is not too big yet not too small as well. There are two beach bars here. It is a shingle beach (big and small white pebbles) which I do not mind at all.

A frozen margarita on the beach sounds just right.

From the beach of Antisamos, the view is gorgeous. The whole setting is just beautiful here.

Travel Period: June 2015
Destination: Antisamos Beach, Sami (Kefalonia - Ionian Islands), Greece

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