Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Kefalonia, Greece: Glowing Shores on the Ionian Sea

While scootering Kefalonia towards the northern part of the island, we saw this very interesting phenomenon. The sea shores were glowing! They were glowing in light to deep blue colour variations. They looked so stunning and mesmerising.

The Dutchman was joking around that perhaps some nuclear tanker has spilled radioactive chemicals on the Ionian Sea. I do however wonder if they glow in the dark?

The location of these glowing shores are along the rugged cliffs on the northwestern part of the island, on the road between Agkonas and Myrtos/Divarata in Pylaros.

We had a little chat with an older English couple who have been coming to Kefalonia for 5 years already and they said that this is the first time they have ever seen anything like this.

Hmm, I will need to do some more research about this... like,  why do they glow? But for now I am sharing the pictures. Hope you have become equally curious as well!

Travel Period: June 2015
Destination: Pylaros (Kefalonia - Ionian Islands), Greece

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