Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Lourdas Beach (Kefalonia, Greece): Lunch of Greek Salad, Aubergine Salad and Pita at Lovidis

This is our first meal in Kefalonia. I guess the welcome to Kefalonia late lunch on Lourdas Beach (also called Lourdata).

The Lovidis Snack Bar Taverna is cute and very inviting. It is located at the end of Lourdas Beach (left side). Lourdas Beach is set at the foot of the Ainos mountain, and here the weather could change in a matter of minutes, well that was the case on the first 2 days when we arrived. Whilst lunching, we saw a heavy dark cloud passing carrying a gush of cold of wind with it, however in less than half an hour the sun shone again.

We ordered Greek Salad and Aubergine Salad to go with the pita bread. Greek Salad has always been a favourite of ours. We could eat this every single day in Greece. Greek Salads are never the same somewhere else though. Maybe it is the combination of local produce, the atmosphere and the weather? For example, tomatoes are tastier and the onions are sweet in Greece.

It’s a nice welcome late lunch in a nice Greek taverna on the beach. We are looking forward to more of this during this summer holiday.

The dark heavy clouds passing through Lourdas and after half an hour the sun shone again.

I love a lunch view like this.

The resident taverna’s puppy is a super hyperactive one and he does not like any kind of authority at all. The little thing seems to run the taverna and has kept the owners on their toes, following him around in circles and scolding him. This little puppy made sure that all passersby are greeted and the guests entertained. He snatched for example one of the shawls of the guests. Cheeky I know.

‘Nino!’ ‘Nino!’ shouts again the owner of the taverna and the puppy scampers hastily, rather grudgingly, away from the tables. He explained that he needs to learn now how to behave with guests.

Well Nino got carried away and got rowdy with me so Dutchman tried using the Cesar Milan tactic and grabbed his neck but Nino became only aggressive, ooops. Haha.

Aubergine Salad with olives and parsley garnishings.

Delicious bowl of Greek Salad goodness.

Crunchy and warm Pita bread.

I ordered Greek coffee for myself and Dutchman settled for the usual coffee.

Travel Period: June 2015
Destination: Lourdas, Leviathos (Kefalonia – Ionian Islands), Greece

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