Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Dinner in Istanbul at Marko Pasa Sark Sofrasi: Chicken Kavurma and Yufka

I found this restaurant whilst walking around Beyoglu on my first night in town. It is located in one of the side streets from busy Istiklal Street.

Marko Pasa Sark Sofrasi Restaurant offers Turkish cuisine and has a quirky interior design. In front of the restaurant a grandmother is rolling Turkish flat breads. In an effort to attract diners, you’ll notice this with many local restaurants in Istanbul, they always have a grandmother rolling breads as a window display. A bit touristy perhaps but not as touristy as the other restaurants in town because Marko Pasa Sark Sofrasi is located a bit hidden from the main road where all the action is.

I wanted to take a table on the ground floor but they only have a few and they were all taken. There were more dining rooms available upstairs I was told so I went up. Very timely that a couple just left a table beside the window on the first floor so I quickly grabbed it.

The waiter was a very friendly guy who asked me where I am from. When he knew that I live in the Netherlands, he right away threw in some Dutch words. He happened to work before in Rotterdam for a few years. I asked him what’s the specialty of the house. He opened the menu to the section of Kavurma. I asked further if it’s what the man is grilling at the end of the room. He nodded and told me I will not regret it.

Aha--I knew what to order =)

The Kavurma dish comes in different types of meat. I settled for the chicken version that night. The food came with Turkiish flat breads called Yufka. They are very tasty. The woman on the window display in the ground floor made them.

I really enjoyed this dinner very much. Interestingly enough, I make a somewhat similar dish every time at home.

Grandma making Yufka, Turkish flat bread.

The ground floor scene of the restaurant.

The first floor dining room of the restaurant with its quirky furnishings on the wall. I settled here at the table beside the window.

The second floor (topmost) of the restaurant.

Local specialty of the restaurant: Kavurma

This is my dinner on my second evening in Istanbul.

Chicken with peppers, onions and tomatoes cooked in this traditional cast-iron skillet.

Yufka, Turkish flat bread.

The view from the window downstairs on the street.

Cooking the Kavurma on an open fire.

Travel Period: May 2015
Destination: Beyoglu, Istanbul (Marmara), Turkey

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