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Kefalonia (Cephalonia): The Promenade and the Port of Sami

Sami is one of the provinces in Kefalonia and its capital town is also called Sami. There is a working port here with passenger ships travelling to nearby islands such as Ithaca and mainland Greece.

When we told the owner of the apartment we stayed at in Moussata that we were going to Ithaca Island, she right away said, ‘So you are taking the boat in Sami?’ We told her we are taking part of a private tour and not travelling on our own so we are not going via Sami =)

Nevertheless, after our lovely afternoon in Antisamos Beach, we went back to Sami town for dinner. We were here earlier surveying the area, walking along the promenade and dock where the yachts are moored. Most of the yachts anchored here are small yachts. Dutchman and I are not the boat types, although we did promise to each other that we will try a yacht cruising holiday some day. There are many small yachts that you can rent inclusive of the crew. We think that a week would be enough for us as we were not sure if we could handle it living on a boat far longer than that.

As we walked along the dock passing the small yachts, we noticed that the boats do not really have much space outside. You can’t even lie down body-stretched on the deck. It’s not very comfortable at all. If you want comfort, you need a catamaran or a much bigger boat, but then again that would be much more expensive.

So there, we are not really convinced that yachting (small yachts in this case) is something we would like for a holiday, but yeah, we will try. Not sure when though, perhaps when we get the urge? We shall see!

The harbour of Sami is not only lined with yachts and fishing boats, it is also wadded with tavernas. Pretty and very inviting tavernas offering the local flavours of the island. We had dinner here at Restaurant Adonis. Dinner was nice and then it was time to ride the scooter back to Moussata.

Kefalonia is a big island so the distances are quite big. Renting a car is highly recommended for those who are not used to long distances on a bike. Dutchman and I however prefer this mode of transport. It’s different riding on a scooter with the wind in your hair, the sun on your skin and just being one with the island environment than sitting inside the car having less contact with the elements of nature.

The view of Sami from the road coming from Antisamos Beach.

Newly built, Church of the Virgin in Sami.

Part of the harbour where the yachts are moored.

The yacht harbour is facing the town and the promenade that is lined with tavernas.

Panoramic view of Sami town including the yacht harbour, At the back of the yacht harbour is the main port where big ships dock and travel to other parts of the archipelago.

Sami promenade lined with tavernas and small yachts.

Trying to hold my breath that the wind will not blow my hat away, haha. It did but I managed to collect it before the thing landed on the water.

This time holding the hat with both hands! The wind was too strong!

The miniature roadside chapels in Greece are shrines, in remembrance of the person that died on this spot, in most cases, from a vehicular accident.

The promenade of Sami.

Greek fishing boat.

One of the nice tavernas on the promenade.

Very pretty and inviting!

Travel Period: June-July 2015
Destination: Sami Town, Sami (Kefalonia - Ionian Islands), Greece

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