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Takeshita Street in Harajuku, Tokyo: Everything about Kawaii, Happy Rooms, Lolita Fashion and Kitschy stuff you do not need

So I have heard about Takeshita Street being the heart of Harajuku fashion shopping in Shibuya.

It’s also the place where a lot of Cosplay zealots and fans of Lolita fashion gather together. Sadly, we didn’t get to see much of these cool and very interesting street fashion when we passed by.

The narrow and busy pedestrian street is a fashion shopping paradise where everything about kawaii is sold. Basically, everything imaginable in cute, pink and little trinkets that you do not really need are sold here. You want to buy them because they are cute but you do not need them really.

Some of the shops here are even called Happy Rooms. Perhaps it brings shoppers to a Cloud 9 shopping experience? Who knows? *smirk* Then you also have those Lolita fashion stores selling all types of Lolita get ups. It really is mind-bloggling and intriguing to see the Japanese’s obsession in this. Lolitas and Kawaiis.

In Akibahara for example, you can be legally entertained by a Lolita in a Maid Café. Of course for a fee.

This Takeshita Street is definitely not my kind of shopping street but I have to admit it is quite interesting, and well, entertaining as well.

Many Japanese teeners dress in Baby - Lolita style get up. They want to be cute and sexy at the same time. Kawaii eh?

Street food such as these fruit slices are sold here as well on Takeshita.

Harajuku Kawaai! Happy Rooms! For your happy in paradise shopping experience =)

Lots of stuff sold here that you do not really need. I like the idea of being a minimalist. I try but I stuggle sometimes. But surely my house is not decorated with trinkets.

You'd think these are costume party dresses. Wrong. The Japanese teeners wear these daily on the streets, well, when they are in the mood I guess.

Any waffle you can imagine. Japanese people really love waffles as I have seen waffle shops everywhere in the city.

Most young Asian fashionistas and bloggers wear false eyelashes by the way.

Some of the inner shops hire people to stand on the streets to advertise with these shop posters.

The Takeshita Dori (Takeshita Street) is located in front of the Harajuku Station, just beside the Yoyogi Park in Shibuya.

Travel Perio: November 2014
Destination: Harajuku, Shibuya (Tokyo), Japan

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