Friday, July 31, 2015

Tokyo, Japan: Coloured Urban Jungle of Shinjuku at Night

Skycrapers at the back of the small buildings.

Shinjuku is the administrative centre for the government of Tokyo. It is a popular business and commercial district with many tall skycrapers. Many large Japanese multinational companies have their headquarters here.

The Shinjuku Train Station for example handles 3.64 million passengers each day making it the most busiest station in the whole wide world.

Enjoy the pictures!

Neon signboards everywhere.

More colourful neon lights.

Confession time: I am not fond of kararoke. Well erase that, I hate it. We were probably the only family in the Philippines that did not have a karaoke. No one really wanted to sing. 

Red and yellow are popular colours. They are warm and gets your attention. I have no idea what these are really.

Entrance to a traditional eatery.

The girly section of Shinjuku.

Serenading for you. Please come in!

The city comes to life in the evening with a sea of colours.

Travel Period: November 2014
Destination: Shinjuku (Tokyo), Japan

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