Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Wine Lunch at an Old Monastery Ruin turned Winery in Ahr Valley’s Red Wine Trail: Weingut Kloster Marienthal

While hiking the Ahr Valley AKA ‘The Red Wine Trail’ in Germany last April, I came across a winery built on the old ruins of the Marienthal Monastery—Weingut Kloster Marienthal in its namesake village. The old monastery ruins are still visible today and preserved, however, the rest of the abbey has been remodelled into a winery, store and restaurant.

Now I have walked for 7 kilometres already on the Red Wine Trail and although that is not much, it felt like I have walked 3x the distance. It was a sunny day. A very hot day that I had to drape my shawl around my forehead during the hike. Later in the afternoon I developed a throbbing headache and the Paracetamols I took did not work. I had to sleep the headache over for a night to cure it.

Anyway, I took the opportunity to do a pitstop in Marienthal. Anyone would be parched from walking under the heat of the sun so a break is in order. Ah, some sparkling wine would be heaven sent I thought. I haven’t really had lunch yet as well, and although I wasn’t very hungry, I do not mind a little snack to go with the wine.

The Ahr Valley is known for producing the red wine of Germany, the Spatburgunder (Pinot Noir), but when you are so thirsty on a hot day, a chilled white wine always wins over the red. I could also choose for a chilled rose actually, but oh well, I am in the mood for white.

So white it is. A Riesling! I will reserve the Spatburgunder later for my evening meal =)

Rieslings are produced by its neighbouring wine country in the same region (Rhineland Platinate), the Mosel. I have been to the Mosel River Valley many years ago. I would love to visit again.

This winery is one of the beautiful places in the Ahr Valley. A must stop in my book.

Zoom in to check out its location. My trail started in Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler.

This is the Marienthal wine village.

The beautiful garden courtyard of the winery with outdoor cafe terrace.

It was a rather busy day at the winery. Well it was a weekend that's why.

Rotweinwanderweg brochure that I got from the hotel. Rotweinwanderweg = Red Wine Trail.

A glass of Riesling and a plate of young Gouda cheese, grapes and pretzels. I would have preferred a soft, well-aged, strong and stinky cheese though.

You can see some open spaces of the winery which were once the old monastery ruins.

A nice view from the garden courtyard -- the vineyards themselves. As it is spring, the leaves have yet to grow.

The view from the vineyards, well actually from the Red Wine Trail.

Travel Period: April 2015
Destination: Marienthal, Ahrweiler (Rhineland Platinate), Germany

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