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A List of Street Foods (& Fast Foods) in Istanbul

Istanbul is just like any country in Asia, the streets are bejeweled with trippings (trappings actually) of food! Especially in the evenings in Beyoglu, the pedestrianised streets are lined with street food sellers. I didn’t really expect Istanbul to be this lively when it comes to the street and fast food scene. What a welcoming surprise! You know I eat anything, be it haute cuisine or street food, any yummylicious food will not escape my covetous mouth.

While most of the street foods are sold by vendors in push carts, there are also many that offer them in stalls and fastfood-like chains. Below you will find the collection of street and fast foods that I have discovered in Beyoglu, as well as in Fatih.

Roasted Chestnuts 
(Kavrulmuş Kestane)

These are popular on the streets in Beyoglu. They are everywhere. I bought myself a little portion. This is actually a street staple anywhere in the mediterranean.

Turkish Ground Meat Pide 
(Kiymali Pide)

You can find these in food stalls selling baked goods, Turkish pizza (Lahmacum) or doner kebabs. They look like little canoe boats to me filled with something hearty =)

Grilled Sweet Corn
(Isgara Mizir)

This reminds me of my childhood. I love grilled corn, whether they are sweet corn or not. I just have to buy one. I bought this one near the Cami Yeni Mosque in Fatih.

Turkish Ice Cream

I would love to try this but I find it very annoying when they become playful with you. Do not play games with me. I just want your ice cream please! Argh.


Rice with Chickpeas + Shredded Chicken Breast
(Nohutlu Pilav)

I saw this push cart vendor on Taksim Square. What they do with the chicken is they tear them in shreds and place them as toppings on top of the rice.

Rice-Stuffed Mussels
(Midye Dolmasi)

This has got to be my favourite street food that I ate this twice! At a restaurant though because I want to sit down =). Here is an entry I made about this here: Midye Dolma and Midye Tava

Offal Sandwich
(Kokoreç or Kokoretsi)

I guess there is not much introduction to say but this is a sandwich made of finely chopped sheep's intestines complemented with tomatoes and spices.

Honey'd Doughnuts
(Saray Lokmasi)

They are similar to the Loukoumades in Greece. They are tiny fried doughnuts dipped in honey. I managed to try them. They are quite sweet yet very nice as well. Yum!

Pomegranate Juice
(Nar suyu)

They sell many types of fresh fruit juices here and the most popular and I guess typically Turkish, or rather Istanbul, is the fresh pomegranate juice. I just had to try this!

Turkish Churros + Baklava Sweets
(Halka Tatlisi)

This is too sweet for me though. In Istanbul there are so many varieties of sweet pastries. Many specialty gourmet shops sell them as well together with Turkish Delights. You can find an entry I made earlier about this here: Turkish Delights and Desserts

Baked Potato with Toppings

This looks quite delicious but loaded. I had fun watching how they made this. They basically mashed the potato with cheese inside their skin before they add the toppings. I have only seen this kind of technique here.

Turkish Pretzel

They go at 1 Turkish Lira and are everywhere in Istanbul especially in Fatih, in the older part of the city. I had them for breakfasts at the hotel. See here my entry: Turkish Breakfasts with a View

Doner Kebabs!
(Döner kebap)

Of course, how can I forget the kebabs? They come in lamb, beef or chicken. Just across Taksim Square you will find a row of kebab stalls. This is nothing new to me though as we have a kebab place here in the Netherlands in every neighbourhood.

Travel Period: May 2015
Destination: Beyoglu, Istanbul (Marmara), Turkey

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