Thursday, August 06, 2015

Ahr Valley: A Nice Weekend and Champagne Breakfast at Restaurant Hotel Hohenzollern an der Ahr

I don’t do all that blog marketing and PR dance so this isn’t a sponsored post. All the hotels, restaurants, places and countries featured in this blog are all my own travels. The travel stories are all based on my personal travel experiences. This is after all a personal travel diary =)

In Ahrweiler I stayed at the Restaurant Hotel Honhenzollern an der Ahr. I chose this place because of its unique location. When I first saw the pictures of the hotel I was right away convinced. The restaurant and hotel sits on top of the vineyard terraces and overlooking the town of Ahrweiler. Simply breathtaking!

The Red Wine Trail (rotweinwanderweg) is also right on the front door of the restaurant hotel. How handy can that be? From my bathroom window I could see the hikers on the wine trail.

In the evening I had a very nice dinner at it's resident chic restaurant. Here is my entry: Fine Dining at Restaurant Hohenzollern an der Ahr in Ahrweiler, Germany

And in the morning, an elegant buffet breakfast with champagne awaits me. I managed to get a table with a window and quite enjoyed the relaxing scenery as well as my lovely breakfast.

I also found out that the restaurant hotel is actually an attraction on the Red Wine Trail. It is a popular place to stop over for lunch on its terrace, as well as have dinner. It is all about the view. A lunch or dinner with a view so to speak is what everyone wants. This is one of the best places in Ahrweiler to be.

I wasn't able to take a picture of the hotel and luckily I found this card on my wallet, given to me by the receptionist when I checked in. The restaurant & hotel sits on the vineyard terraces.

My elegant breakfast with orange juice and tea. 

The view while having breakfast, the Ahrweiler town.

I had some yoghurt with fresh fruits, dried fruits, cereal and nuts.

And then, a glass of champagne to finish it off.

The small and homey lobby of the hotel.

This is the restaurant of the hotel.

My bedroom, quite simple yet very comfortable. I love the pillows, they smelled so good.

 Checking my outfit before going out for the hike. That is actually not a blouse or dress, that is a shawl which I later used as a headscarf to protect my head (I had a headache) from the sun.

The view of the Red Wine Trail from my bathroom window.

The view from my balcony.

Travel Period: March 2015
Destination: Ahrweiler (Rhineland Platinate), Germany

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